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The ratio of spices is not the same as Chinese food made elsewhere in the United States, and while the family’s recipes set the standard, they have been tweaked slightly to accommodate American palates, Lin said. Lunch specials include curry chicken, pork lo mein, mixed vegetables and Kung Pao chicken and are $4.95.
Combination dinners offer a choice of egg flower soup, hot and sour soup, egg roll, crab Rangoon and a choice of pork fried rice, brown rice or steamed rice. The two-tiered buses made a brief reappearance in 1976, when the MTA purchased eight buses from British company Leyland to be used in a pilot program.
Of course, today, tourist buses like Big Apple Bus Tour and Gray Line Tours run double decker buses, but not the MTA. Read more about NYC Transit Museum’s 2013 Vintage Bus Festival, Double Lettered Trains In The NYC Subway System, Taking a Ride on the 8, 11 and 12 Trains in the NYC Subway, and 14 Beautiful Vintage Subways Entrances in NYC. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority began testing a new electric bus built by Chinese automaker BYD. New York City has started testing an electric bus by Chinese automaker BYD in a move to eventually reduce the 50 million gallons of diesel fuel its 5,700 buses use each year.
The test run is scheduled to last two months and then the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) will evaluate if the bus meets the city's needs, according to MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz.
The bus will have to face "the twin challenges of operating in the stop and go traffic of Manhattan while maintaining high levels of passenger comfort and operational performance," according to a statement on the MTA website. The bus needs a four-hour charge to be ready for service, and it can go approximately 150 miles on a single charge, which is being tested under New York City conditions with the pilot run, Ortiz said.

A BYD electric bus costs approximately $850,000, Ortiz said, compared to the $400,000 for a regular diesel bus. The bus was manufactured by Shenzhen-based BYD, which stands for "Build Your Dreams" and is backed by investment giant Warren Buffett. In April, BYD was awarded a $12.1-million contract with California's Long Beach Transit Authority to produce 10 zero-emission, all-electric buses, and then in July, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) on announced a contract with BYD for the manufacture and delivery of up to 25 all-electric buses. The BYD contract contains a local jobs component in which final assembly will take place at its new plant in Lancaster, California, the international firm's first manufacturing facility in the United States. In August, BYD said that its net profit increased 25 times in the first half, as its three core businesses in the vehicle, cell phone and new energy sectors all saw strong growth. The growth comes after the company reported net profit slumped 94.15 percent year-on-year to 81 million yuan in 2012, the lowest level in at least four years. The strong performance was the result of the company's efforts to gradually improve the technology, quality and branding of its products in the past three years, the report said.
Even though BYD made its name in the global automotive market with leadership in the electric-vehicle segment, analysts said the company's business will mainly depend on vehicles with traditional internal combustion engines, which contributed more than half of the company's total profits. BYD Motors President Stella Li has said the company expects to produce 50 buses a year by 2015 and to continue increasing production, with the intention of reaching the plant's capacity of 1,000 buses annually within two decades. The chow mein, for example, has fried noodles on the side and comes with vegetables for putting on top. Combination dinners include entrees like chicken chop suey, sesame chicken and shrimp broccoli.

But in the early to mid-20th century, they were also a common sight around Manhattan (a few of which were probably on display at the NYC Transit Museum’s 2013 Bus Festival). Though more expensive, Ortiz said he anticipates the electric bus will be more cost-efficient to run. After testing and evaluation, the transit agency could then choose to buy up to 20 additional buses.
It plans to build as many as 1,000 plug-in electric buses a year in the Mojave Desert city. The buses will be powered by BYD's iron-phosphate batteries, which will be manufactured at another plant near the Lancaster bus factory. Manufactured by the Fifth Avenue Bus Company, these double-decker buses provided transportation along the length of Fifth Avenue. Other problems cited were the cumbersome height of the double-deckers, causing them to bump into branches along Riverside Drive and to run into traffic lights.
A BYD electric bus started operation in Tel Aviv last month, and fleets of electric taxis were launched in Bogota and Hong Kong, in September and May, respectively.
They were eventually taken off the roads due to a lack of competition in the United States to improve the design and mechanics of double decker buses.

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