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In one small town (the one where we stopped at the same Chinese buffet twice), we went to a local pizza chain for lunch.  The lady owner was an immigrant from some indeterminate country, possibly the interior of SouthwestAsiaIndia or Somethingistan. While to my neighbors, the most important thing is that the former Prairie Dog Farm in front of my house now actually adds to the aesthetic of my block, the biggest lesson to me was the kind help that my hard-working friends put into the project without asking for anything in return.   And the lessons I learned this summer, alongside teenagers and grown men while building this wall, are what is most worth mentioning here.
So why did I experience such a difference in the guys I was working with?  Why were they sweating in 100+ degree temperatures and not complaining?  Why were they thanking me at the end of an 8-hour day instead of demanding payment? The only way for them to really see this completely fulfilled in their lives is to be in close relationship with the God who created them and loves them dearly. At the Bee Factory, we were greeted by plywood cutouts that were painted like bees, the kind with little holes that you can put your face into and take a stupid tourist picture which makes you look like a bee with some genetically engineered human face.  My one regret of the whole trip was not getting a picture with me in one of those cutouts. Secondly, and far more valuably, they gave the Bohemians things to laugh about back on the bus.  Bee Factories turn out to be much better stories than anything else. When I was a kid, my family took a road trip through Arizona, Nevada, and Utah.  Along the way, we stopped at The Amazing Dinosaur Experience. Which new initiative will have the greatest short-term impact on public transportation in Phuket? PHUKET: A Krabi man employed as a bus driver for a major Chinese tour agency in Phuket was arrested at his Rassada home yesterday evening after police found him in possession of stolen items and cash belonging to Chinese tourists. Prior to leaving on the boat, the Chinese tourists entrusted their bags containing their valuables with Mr Konoksak, who secured them in the baggage compartment on the bottom of the bus. Upon returning to their hotel late in the afternoon, several of the tourists noticed that valuables they had put in their bags were missing, and filed a report at Thalang Police Station at around 5:30pm. Wasting no time to investigate, police searched the bus, which was now parked in the area of the OrBorJor Hospital in Rassada, and was manned by Mr Konaksak. Mr Konoksak finally admitted that he had stolen the items, and confessed that it wasn't the first time. The following video clip is originally from the website of a Wenzhou newspaper, and was widely spread on the internet and reported on TV. On the morning of [August] 2, at 9:55am, on the Lishui section of the Jinhua-Lishui-Wenzhou Highway near the Fulin interchange heading towards Jinhua, a tour coach from Zhejiang province Wenzhou city reversed in the middle of the road, causing a rear-end collision with a semi-trailer where it rolled over on its side.
The coach driver should take full responsibility, for unbelievably reversing his vehicle on the highway. But [the semi-trailer driver] could still judge from the rapid shortening of the distance and attempted to dodge or brake.
The tour bus driver should take full responsibility, but does the semi-truck driver behind him have no responsibility at all? Help us maintain a vibrant and dynamic discussion section that is accessible and enjoyable to the majority of our readers.

I even saw someone doing this on the german Autobahn (of course a woman), which I then reported to the police, since it nearly killed me and two family members.
But in China it seems to be quite a normal move, you always have to take into consideration for your own safety when driving.
So in case of doubt, common sense would tell you to take the exit before the 40+km part, ask your way while paying the fees to figure out if you’re in the right one. I once saw a Chinese bus full of Chinese vegetables driven by some Chinese cow going the wrong way in a river. She waved a hoof at her friends, Da Gou, the toxic waste barge driver and Mu Lan the floating Casino croupier as they had both stopped to take picture of some teenage girls who were drowning in the fetid river waters. Guy had all safety belts removed from the car except his because other passengers complained about them getting in the way (we rented the guy’s car for a day). News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. These were boys that for a while at least, didn’t say, “I don’t care,” at all.  They seemed to care about something a great deal. At this point, details about the cause of the accident are unclear, as police have yet to question the driver. He told police that he stole from tourists regularly to pay for drugs because his monthly salary wasn't enough to support his habit. Please bring this voucher with your passport or US Government recognized photo ID for check-in.
According to preliminary information, the semi-trailer truck had one death and one injured, while multiple people on the tour coach were injured and have already been taken to the hospital. An entire bus of people and not a single one stepped forward to stop [the driver from reversing on the highway], instead helping rush [themselves] towards death.
When people are all driving in the same direction on one side of the highway, are you able to tell if car ahead is stopped or driving? Had he not taken emergency measures [to avoid or lessen the impact], we can easily imagine the impact of this semi-trailer crashing into the [coach] at high speed. In this kind of situation, it is very difficult for you to determine that the car ahead is reversing. The driver of the semi-trailer must have been nodding off, though the coach driver should take full responsibility!
It looks like the passenger bus wasn’t backing up very fast, but judging from the [dramatic] impact, it feels like the truck driver didn’t try to brake at all!

What could happen that would be worse than getting back on the highway and paying an extra few RMB? The average driving skill is already ridiculously low, I don’t see why I would test my luck to save some RMB or even 1hour by taking the next exit. I drive in China since 2003, never done any reverse on highways or any other road, plenty of times mistaken exits, just drove forward and take the next exit, back into the highway then pick the right one.
Hopefully, it will never happen, not for you, but rather for the poor schmuck that runs into you.
I swerved slightly and was lucky to miss this asshole by inches and even luckier not to lose control. A lot of road signs in the Shenzhen-Dongguan-Guangzhou corridor make no sense or are just wrong. It’d be like saying that making fun of Star Trek fans is racist against Trekker-Americans. Same guy was then overtaking busses and trucks in curves on a mountain road with foggy conditions. When the coach was about to reach the exit, in order to turn right and get out faster, the driver steered the wheel to the left, which turned the rear-end into No.1 [inside] lane. There is very little that can truly be considered accidental, that cannot be instead attributed to a lack of considerate forethought.
Usually, when you keep a distance [with the car ahead], it is under the assumption that it is also moving forward.
I’m sure the driver of the bus who caused this tragedy had thought his philosophy perfect too.
If the pick up bus does not arrive after 10 minutes of the designated time, please call 702-968-3018 immediately.
The driver never thought that the rear-end of the coach would suddenly turn into his lane, so he couldn’t brake in time, and crashed into the left rear-end of the coach.
Don’t blather that the driver was driving with fatigue when you know nothing, and be cautious when you yourself drive in the future.
Just because you managed to stop your car doesn’t mean other people can… Poor semi-trailer driver! We may only render a reasonable amount of refund whenever possible (if applicable) but not guaranteed.

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