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Compleet met rails, een gemotoriseerde vliegarm met Superloco, brug en een heuvel met rotsblokken. Met deze Chuggington Die Cast - Action Chugger speelset zal je samen met Superloco iedereen in Chuggington kunnen helpen! Free download movies: Chuggington Thats The Ticket (2012) COMPLETE DVDRip 200MB DVDrip BRRip BluRay 720p 1080p High Quality, Small Size from Putlocker, Firedrive, Zippyshare, Single Links, mkv film at hnmovies. Mediafire movies : Chuggington Thats The Ticket (2012) COMPLETE DVDRip 200MB BRRip 720p Bluray 1080pHonk your horns toot!

Old Puffer Pete, Olwin, and Speedy McAllister used to live there, as well as some engines who moved to Tootington. There is an old ice cave from the days of steam that Speedy McAllister often visits and also used to visit. Young trainee engines Wilson, Koko and Brewster prepare for life on the tracks in the fun-packed town of Chuggington.
Deze luxe speelset bevat een gemotoriseerde vliegarm met Superloco, deze kun je instellen op 2 verschillende snelheden.

Brewster is a hard-worker who likes to take his time and ask questions when he isn't sure what he's doing, which makes him a handy foil for his friends and fellow learners, Wilson and Koko, whose enthusiasm and impulsiveness sometimes lands them in trouble.
Episodes are: 'Braking Brewster', 'Clunky Wilson', 'Koko On Call', 'Hodge and the Magnet', 'Can't Catch Koko', 'Old Puffer Pete's Tour', 'Jet Pack Wilson', 'Brewster to the Rescue', 'Wilson and the Wild Wind', 'Zephie Ace Reporter', 'Mtambo's Amazing Adventure', 'Action Brewster', 'Bang Klang Wilson', 'Frostini's Fruit Fandango', 'Zephie's Zoomaround', 'Nurse Wilson', 'Wilson and the Paint Wagon', 'Brewster's Little Helper', 'Koko in Charge', 'Wilson's Paper Trail', 'Mtambo's Royal Tour', 'Brewster Goes Bananas', 'Koko and the Squirrels', 'Wilson and the Elephant', 'Brewster and the Dragon', 'Zephie's Monkey Business', 'Wilson's Wacky Tour', 'Training Time Harrison', 'Wilson Gets a Wash', 'Koko and the Tunnels', 'Watch Out Wilson', 'Wilson's Smooth Moves', 'Eddie Finds Time', 'The Chugger Championship', 'Helpful Hodge', 'Cool Wilson', 'Brewster's Hobby', 'Wilson and the Ice Cream Factory', 'Wake Up Wilson', 'Koko Pulls It Off', 'Snowstruck Wilson', 'Late Again Eddie', 'Inspector Emery', 'Outward Bound Olwin', 'Old Puffer Pete's Big Show', 'Famous Emery', 'Hodge's Secret', 'Rock-a-Bye Chatsworth', 'Old Puffer Pete and the Firebox', 'Poor Old Puffer Pete', 'Brewster Knows Best', 'Bubbly Olwin' and 'Koko's Puppy Training'.

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