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We are late to Lisa Belkin’s fine NY Times piece from this weekend, about how parents worry about the wrong things. So we put them in that car and we drive — to the orthodontist, to school, to their friend’s house two blocks away — because “if I let them walk and they were abducted I would never forgive myself.” This despite the fact that the British writer Warwick Cairns, author of “How to Live Dangerously,” has calculated that if you wanted to guarantee that your child would be snatched off the street, he or she would have to stand outside alone for 750,000 hours.
We spend a lot of time on this blog rethinking the benefits of living a fecal-smelling metropolis when we could, for less money, live in the world of sweet smelling Kentucky bluegrass lawns.

In 2015, Stanford computer science PhD candidate Andrej Karpathy decided to test out some neural network tools he’d been experimenting with, and set them to generating plausible baby names. And while we are busy inflating some risks, we tend not to focus on others — like the obesity and diabetes that result when children are driven someplace when they could walk, or when they play video games inside instead of playing in the park. Sometimes we defend our Gotham a little too eagerly, other times we’re just beat down by it.

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