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Product FeaturesCreate your railroad empire with this G Scale template made of transparent green plastic, with holes for all sizes of track, turnouts, crossings and more. Having been a power plant engineer on the civil engineers side myself in Germany I only can second Bill's advice about the generator outlet. The generator outlet usually is a pipe inside a protecting and insulating pipe not a cable. The step-up transformer, which brings up generator voltage to transmission line voltage, is usually close to the generator hall, as the three isolated generator busses are quite expensive. Usually each generator has its own step up transformer to step the generated voltage up to the transmission voltage.

I like the Marlboro pack as part of what I assume is some of the emissions scrubbing equipment. Your creative re-purposing of common items is very refreshing in theses days of expensive kits and detail parts. I was a power plant engineer so from what I saw (both investor owned and municipal) the outlet from the generator either came out the turbine room wall(like your lower building) or ran underground to the switch yard. I don't know it in detail, I just used the computer animation to show the location of the step-up transformer. But some easy to follow tips might enhance its appearance and make it even more believable.

I know of a number of east coast power stations from around 1905 having many small turbines with the equal number of transformers in an adjacent building apex.

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