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Limei Architectural Model Design Company is a professional modeling material and Architectural models manufacturer and supplier in China.
We are also in the line to Architectural Model Design and Production such as commercial model, residential model, Golf Courses model, Train model, Layout model, Section model, factory layout model, Theme Park model, Topography model, City planning model, Display model and Train model layout in Z scale, N scale, HO scale, OO scale. I recently removed three buildings from the Lego Town and consolidated them into a city block for a Lego contest at the local toy store (thanks to the prodding of my little ones).

I created this staked bulkhead flat car by modifying the Cargo Wagon from the Lego’s Cargo Train Deluxe set.
An original side by side retail building with an auto parts shop and hardware store on the north end of town.
Here are some final pictures of a building a created based on a photo from New York’s Soho area.

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