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Derby Cars For Sale Source Demolition And Pictures, Derby Cars For Sale Source Demolition And Images.
For a while several years ago, TNN used to show Demolition Derbies once a week,and I sort of got hooked.
The first thing I had to do was make the brand new kit body look old and worn, so I heated it carefully in places and dented it.
It has a 2-speed full-floating rear axle from a big-rig, nitrous, a twin-turbo, intercooled Ross Gibson 502 big-block chevy. Someone once told me that there are engines other than the Hemi, but that is just crazy talk! I took some pics and tried to upload them tonight but have no clue how to get them loaded, maybe one of you could assist me please?

It's fitting that Kyle Busch drives the successor to this car today, since he drives NASCAR like it's a demolition derby! Naturally one thing led to another and I ended up building my own Demolition Derby car, based very loosely on what I saw on TV. Mopar in type, V8, native to the US, carnivorous, eats primarily Mustangs, Camaros, and Corvettes.
I will have to get one started or may use my girlfreinds, she said she had one for posting photos a long time ago. I knew nothing about the rules and regulations other than all glass had to be removed and the doors either welded or chained shut. I am i big fan of the TTC as well and have subscribed to the mag for years as well as Off-Road.

I liked the look of the exhausts exiting through the hood, so of course my model had to have that! I even made a farm fuel tank with pump and nozzle in the bed, and a gooseneck trailer hitch. He painted it with no regard to overspray, so the lime green is visible on the top of the dashboard and package shelf and a little along the insides of the tops of the doors and quarter panel window areas.

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