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This Messerschmitt Bf 109G-2 Diecast Model Airplane has working propeller and also comes with a display stand. McDonnell Douglas F-4B Phantom II VMFA-122 Danang Air Base (US Marines 1968) Diecast Model Airplane. This Boeing Stearman `Kaydet` Trainer 18303 (Tuskegee Airmen 1942) Diecast Model Airplane features working propeller. General BackgroundThe Stearman Aircraft Company produced a bi-plane trainer-aircraft called the Model 70. This Boeing Stearman PT-27 `Kaydet` FK107 Diecast Model Airplane features working propeller. General BackgroundLater in WWII the Allied bombers were flying deep into Germany but suffered tremendous losses because of the lack of range the fighter escorts had. This De Havilland Tiger Moth Glasmoth Diecast Model Airplane Set has working propellers and also comes with 3 display stands. This set of legendary De Havilland Tiger Moths comprises three authentic aircraft that made a historic flight from England to Russia and back in April 1989, marking a step forward in Anglo-Russian relations.
Going on to epitomise the RAF’s strategic bomber force during the cold war, the Vulcan served in a number of different roles throughout its service history. It was designed as a fleet defense fighter for the US Navy but by 1963 it was adopted as the US Air Force primary fighter-bomber. In 1935 the USN ordered the Model 70 with a Wright J-5 Whirlwind engine designated the NS-1. Developed by Douglas Aircraft Company from 1949 onwards, the sleek X-3 Stiletto was designed for sustained supersonic speeds. German fighters would wait beyond the range of the Allied fighters and then attack the vulnerable bombers. The British pilots of the three planes were each accompanied by a Russian navigator and they made the trip in the true spirit and style of the 1930s. However its flying career was again short-lived, crash landing on what was to be its final flight, severely damaging the fuselage. Despite the size and weight of this Cold War icon the F-4 broke 15 world records and continued to hold five of them until 1975. Boeing Aircraft Company bought Stearman and gave the Model 70 a Lycoming R-680-5 radial engine making it a Model 75. Developed using our expertise in creating the finest plastic moulds, these educational replicas don't just show you what you can see on the outside, but we also take you inside!

The X-3 employed titanium and low-aspect ratio wings, and the first prototype was delivered in September 1952, with the first flight occurring the following month. Once the P-51 called Mustang by the British had the Allison engine replaced with a British Merlin it possessed the high performance that had been lacking. The detailed planning and international co-ordination took much effort and the trip, organised by Jonathan Elwes and sponsored by the Daily Mail and James Capel & Co., was not without incident. Represented in true to scale accuracy and a high level of detail, it's as close to walking inside the real thing as you can get! With drop tanks the P-51 had the range to escort bombers all the way to Berlin and back.The AircraftOn August 28, 1944 Pierce W.
The full story is featured on the inside of the boxed set lid and makes fascinating reading.
Eleven countries other than the USA had the Phantom II in their inventory.In 1965 VMFA-122(AW) returned to their base at Marine Corps Air Station El Toro and transitioned to the F-4B Phantom II and were re-designated VMFA-122 Crusaders. However, the pair of Westinghouse J34 turbojet engines was not powerful enough so it never actually reached Mach 1 in straight flight!
Later XH558 returned to standard B2 configuration and it was the final Vulcan to be withdrawn from RAF service after being operated from 1986 as a display aircraft until budget cuts resulted in its retirement in 1992. The Boeing 747’s maiden flight occurred on 9 February 1969, and more than 1,450 of the type have been produced to date.
The effort wasn’t wasted though, as data obtained from the X-3 was used to produce the F-104 Starfighter. Enough to say that the journey which started in England on 7th April was heralded as a great success.
The RCAF labeled it PT-27 Kaydet with Kaydet becoming the universally accepted name.The AircraftKaydet 18303 spent most of 1944 and 1945 based at Moton Field in Tuskegee, Alabama. The lone X-3 Stiletto is on display at the National Museum of the US Air Force at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.This Dragon Warbirds model captures perfectly the sleek lines of this American experimental design. On March 8, 1945 while attacking ground units McKennon was shot down again but this time he was rescued by his wingman Lt.
The three aircraft and their crew arrived safely back in England on 27th April 1989 after a round trip of 5000 miles with 33 stops during the three-week adventure.
February 1968 saw VMFA-122 fly 629 sorties and drop 1,300 tons during the Siege at Khe Sahn. The Kaydet served as a basic trainer aircraft and played a part in the history of the African American men known as the "Tuskegee Airmen".

FK107 was one of the last of 300 aircraft to the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan but because of the open cockpits they were deemed unsuitable for winter training.
The squadron left for MCAS Iwakuni, Japan in September 1968 only to return to Vietnam in the summer of 1969. These men were part of an experiment to prove to a racially biased white America that black men had the ability to learn to fly combat aircraft and earn their pilot wings. A total of 167 of these early Boeing 747s were produced at a purpose-built facility in Everett, then the world’s largest building. One model is a fully finished and pre-painted replica while the other has transparent exterior parts that reveal some of the craft’s insides. Green landed his P-51, got rid of the parachute and flew McKennon back to base with McKennon sitting on his lap. This aircraft can be seen at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Mount Hope (Hamilton) Ontario, Canada. Dragon’s innovative Project Cutaway range features this particular Boeing 747-100 aircraft that performing the maiden flight.
The latter model provides aviation enthusiasts with a new appreciation for this futuristic aircraft design. By wars end McKennon flew 560 combat hours with 12 aerial victories and 9.83 ground victories.
It actually is a PT-17 painted as FK107 to represent the last open-cockpit PT-27 supplied to the BCATP.
The Project Cutaway model is pre-painted and it arrives as a handful of separate parts that are easily assembled within seconds. The minimal number of cleverly engineered components results in a stunning cutaway model that exposes many internal details of the plane.
The sectional nature of the model allows the seats to be seen inside the cabin, plus the cockpit, wings and engines have cutaway sections. This new Warbirds release differs from the previous Item No.51028 in that it has alternative markings.

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