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admin 01.07.2014

I have been thinking of getting an Authentic Dodge Charger, GMP Plymouth Roadrunner (drop top, from seeing the review of a yellow one on this thread, Blackbird and Hemi Streetfighter X versions) and an Ertl Plymouth Superbird. I've made a few detailing mods to it, and changed out the wheels to ones from a GMP GTX.
So when Highway 61 came out with their A990 '65 Plymouth, I decided to do a take off on the old Doc Burgess Car.

I have been thinking of adding a few models and I have read through soem of the excellent reviews on this forum but I was interested in you guys top 5 muscle car models. The Blackbird and Fairlane street fighter models offer many great details and working parts.
This car measures out at about 11 inches long, has opening doors, trunk, hood, and glove compartment door.

It can be a purely personal selection or based on the quality of the model either is fine I would just like to see whats out there.

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