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Diecast construction equipment models are a great way to expand your hobby in more than one way. They often have quite stunning features and are a whole hobby within the hobby. There are various models in the diecast construction equipment area. These 10" friction powered construction trucks come in assorted styles (scraper, rotary, & bulldozer) with movable tools & parts. 5.25" long diecast construction trucks in assorted styles (dump truck, shovel, crane, and cement mixer). The levels of functions and details are tied more to the manufacturer and price and not the scale.

Usually the smaller scales bring the best balance between price, details, functions and quality. Some cost even more but usually the only thing these models cana€™t do is work on actual fuel.
Overall you dona€™t need to spend a fortune on a model in order to get decent quality with lots of working features.
They make models from quite a few companies including Caterpillar, Bobcat, Liebherr, Komatsu and a lot more.
Here the brand is not that important as nearly all manufacturers have models that are pretty basic in quality but also offer models that have amazing levels of details. There are also sets which include a trailer truck carrying a construction machine or a set including a couple or more machines.

These are of course more expensive but in the end they are a little bit cheaper than buying the same two models separately and are an easy way to quickly fill your collection with the wanted models.

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