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This stunning 1967 Blue Pontiac GTO Diecast Model Car features opening hood, doors and steerable front wheels.
Mint models diecast model cars - movie and television, Movie and television fine scale collectible model cars.
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This BMW X1 Diecast Model Car is Graphite Blue and features working steering, suspension, wheels and also opening bonnet with engine, boot, doors. Built from the highest quality materials, this case features a black & white checkered floor, and rubber foot pads used to tilt the case. The Sports Roadster was a limited production version of the convertible which added 48 spoke Kelsey Hayes designed wire wheels, special badges to the front fenders and a passenger side grab bar to the front dashboard.
The most striking addition to the Sports Roadster was a fiberglass tonneau cover which covered the back seat of the car and created a two seater appearance. Ford Diecast Model Cars - Ford is the third largest automaker in the world. It's earliest models, such as the iconic Model-T Ford, are treasured in die cast collections the world over.

Most die cast model car collectors have Mustang Diecast Model Cars, GT model cars, Shelby diecast, or '32 Highboy Diecast Model Cars somewhere in their diecast car replica collection.

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