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American muscle car collector Meet Simon: a diehard american power muscle car (mostly in black colors) avid diecast collector from Slovenia. In 1996 I started to follow Formula 1 racing, and my interest for F1 racing has only been increasingly escalated from year to year, and I can blame my interest for it on F1 high technology as it is very attractive to me.
Let me mention, that it was from the very beginning of collecting these formula one model cars, my motto was and still is: to collect formula one model cars of all formula one teams. Initially, due to limitations in finance, my collection has from beginning grown slow, but later with the increased financial independence, the number of models increased from year to year. My wishes for the future, however, remains: Organize a studio, in which a formula one theme may be presented, which would be on display to the general public. Quartzo packaging is a little less high-end than Exoto but nevertheless the model still comes in a protective foam mold.

Copyright and NoticesAll rights including copyright in the material on this site is reserved. The model measures 25cm in length and 11cm wide.  The diecast metal in the Quartzo feels heavy, weighing in at 320gm.
As can be expected, the Exoto engine detailing is superior but the difference is not as big as you might think.
Many thanks to all the readers who kindly leave comments of support and to help improve the site. The only personal information collected is your name, email and any other details you wish to include in your message. All designs and delivery are subject to change based on licensing approvals, licensor requirements and manufacturer constraints.

I will handle any information with care and it will not be used for marketing by any other parties. This was a beautiful Mclaren Hakkinen (1998 model) in 1:18 scale, when he became world champion in spite of my attachment to the team Ferrari. Please note: I am not responsible for any security weaknesses in WordPress, hosting provider or other technology I have no control over.

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