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Dinosaur Train logo Buddy and Tiny Dinosaur Train Buddy and Tiny Dinosaur Train The Conductor, Buddy and Tiny Dinosaur Train Dr. The big box stores seemed to primarily stock the large boxed sets, the Flight, Muddy and Glow in the Dark packs, rather the full range of individual figures.
Dinosaurs and trains are a pretty good combination for most children and this show is beautifully presented. You can find out more about Dinosaur Train on Nick Jr’s website and also watch videos and print out pictures to colour in. Pteranodon, Lorraine Lambeosaurus, Don, Eugene Euoplocephalus, Tiny, Shiny, Stacie Styracosaurus, Buddy, Mrs.
There eleven large interaction figures they are articulated and have chips with up to 40 words and phrases.A  They look like bigger more expensive versions of the Fisher-Price Imaginext. Set in a whimsically realistic, prehistoric world with jungles, swamps and oceans Buddy, a T-Rex,  is adopted by Mr.

Each half an hour show has two animated adventures aimed at getting children to apply scientific thinking.  The shows are based took input from  palaeontologists, science educators and early childhood education experts aimed at making the shows educational and entertaining.
Climb onto the Dinosaur Train every weekday on Nick Jr and join Buddy and his family on their adventures.
Buddy the main character has a lot of charm and together with his three siblings Tiny, Shiny and Don they get into lots of mischief. The show is great for teaching language skills as it uses the correct names for the dinosaurs and it also teaches a lot of scientific facts about them.  It shows why different dinosaurs have different features and how they were adapted for the life they lived.
I also showed the show to some of my friends children who are three and five and they were absolutely engrossed and loved it. Pteranodon and Tiny Dinosaur Train Dinosaur Train logo Buddy and Tiny Dinosaur Train Buddy and Tiny Dinosaur Train Buddy and Tiny Dinosaur Train The Conductor, Buddy and Tiny Dinosaur Train Dr. Pteranodon and along with his  siblings Tiny, Shiny and Don  they are eager to learn all about their world.  They board the Dinosaur Train which  is a special train that is specially shaped to accommodate all types of dinosaurs and can magically travel between the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous worlds while the conductor provides lots interesting dinosaur facts.

Each of the characters have their own distinct personality traits which allows you to choose a personal favourite, Shiny is a bright blue colour and stands out from the other Pteranodons who are green.
It also asks a lot of questions which are then answered which helps develop investigation skills.
Tiny loves rhymes and singing and Buddy being a T-Rex is unable to fly, so has to be carried by the rest of the family.

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