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Politicians and journalists do much squabbling over whether Toronto is a so called world class city.
For a city that ranks consistently at the top of the list of priciest transit cities in North America, a subway closure time that falls half an hour before last call makes me feel a little irate. Subways in New York and London, of course, require maintenance as well, but they have alternate capacity available to them. As New York's MTA late night service map shows, the subway operates 24 hours per day, though not all lines operate at all times. Platform-edge doors are those which you might see in airport monorails, which slide open and closed from the platform itself, rather than having the platform open to the tracks.
Ross says the doors are identified in the TTC's budget as a future priority, but as yet, they're not at the top of the list, and they remain unfunded. A total of 183,780 Torontonians worked in accommodation or food and beverage in 2013, and I'm sure they would say later service is deeply warranted. As much as I love the idea of 24 hour subways ("subways, subways, subways!"), where would we ever find the money to pay for it? Plenty of cities operate 24-hours on the weekend with their double-track configurations (berlin, barcelona, London from 2015), don't know why Toronto thinks this is a limitation that only we have. As much as I hate the TTC, they seem to be open pretty late in comparison to some other cities. First of all, yes, New York does have a few four-track lines but most are not - this is a red herring when it comes to late-night operation, don't fall for it!
But let's set that aside, because the MTA is a huge regional system with a ton of dedicated funding and operates in a city where for many there is no other option. There is, however, a second, smaller subway system in New York that might suggest to Toronto how to operate 24 hrs if that was really the goal. Based on the above, TTC hours are pretty much what you would expect, but pressing for late nights on Fri and Sat is definitely a goal within reach. I get that the infrastructure doesn't support 24 hour lines but it would be huge if Toronto kept the subway open until 3 or 4 on the weekend. TTC subway is so decrepit that it can't even function for regular work hours 7 days a week!
Ya this is crazy, subways will stop running trains at 130am even though bars close at 2am, leading to obviously more drunk drivers. It would be nearly impossible to add extra tracks to the Toronto subway, because there's no room for them.
New York and London have multiple tracks because their subway systems began as multiple companies, each running their own tracks and trains independently, often through the same areas. However, transit systems are so costly that there has never been one that could survive without major government funding.
Where there used to be 3 sets of tracks, for 3 different companies, now only 1 set was needed for regular use. If the Toronto subway had been built with extra tracks in each direction, it would have allowed the TTC to run more efficiently. Yes, and considering the 320 Yonge bus runs every 3-7 minutes overnight, 300 Bloor-Danforth bus every 5-10 minutes, it is not bad at all compared to trains every 20 minutes.
If parallel system help with 24 hour operation, then it makes sense to build Eglinton, which is parallel to B-D, as a full grade-separated Metro. A 24 hour system might be possible if the whole system was automated, but that would be only subways; buses aren't driverless yet. You're 100% right that New York does maintenance through constant re-routing of stuff, I should have included that in my list as item #4. And yes, some of those service changes take advantage of switching between express and local when not forcing people onto shuttle buses.
I just tire of hearing the lack of express tracks as a crutch for having service till 2 am on a Friday or start at 6 am on a Sunday. I don't think we should need to push for this genius (only operating one track overnight) it should be mandatory especially Friday & Saturday nights even if it only curtails 1 drunk from getting behind the wheel of a car a night. The only lines in London that will be running 24 hours a day are the ones that have been upgraded at a cost of billions - Automatic Train Operation, 30+ trains an hour, new trains etc. Maybe when someone (anyone?) stumps up the cash for the TTC to upgrade their lines, you'll see improved service hours. I don't ever imagine we'll have 24 hour service, and I'm skeptical we will ever have subways stay open past last call (which would be nice!). Why is it that a well-established, wealthy city like Toronto can't afford to even renovate a station?
I agree with the pro night bus supporters but for me it's a 20 minute walk to the closest stop serviced by one, and at 2AM that isn't appealing. New York City is certainly one of the nightlife capitals of the world, and just as with most other attractions, the good stuff tends to be concentrated in the lower two-thirds of Manhattan. There are nightclubs in many different parts of town, but the main concentration of large clubs is in the western part of Chelsea on 27th Street and the blocks around it.
The above information is of little help because, just as in most other big cities, the nightclub scene changes almost on a daily basis in New York City. There are a couple of websites that do an okay job of keeping track of what’s going on on a given night, but by far the best thing to do is get Time Out New York when you arrive in town.
A newer entry for nightlife listings is L Magazine, which is free, and also comes out on Wednesdays. Needless to say, there are always dozens of things going on every night, including Mondays and Tuesdays. Upper West Side – This area specializes mostly in frat-boy-style bars, but there are definitely some other places mixed in.
Upper East Side – There are a few interesting places mixed in, but for the most part this area is a dead zone.
Hell’s Kitchen – This scarily-named neighborhood just west of Times Square has become quite nice in the last decade or two, and 9th and 10th Avenues are loaded with interesting restaurants and quite a few bars.
Chelsea – As mentioned above, this area is home to most of the city’s “mega-clubs” although the lineup changes every week or so.

Greenwich Village – The middle part of this huge “village” area is dominated by New York University, which means there are quite a few bars normally filled with people just on either side of the legal drinking age (21 years old). Lower East Side – This small neighborhood just south of Houston and East of 1st Avenue is like a new mini-East Village. Williamsburg, Brooklyn – If you are taking the subway from Times Square you can be in Williamsburg in 15 to 20 minutes. Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. Even while thrusting their tushies, clad in an assortment of unmentionables, for flashing cameras and smartphones, most pantless riders admit they only dare to do this as part of a group.
Whether we are or we aren't, it's tough to argue that our subway service doesn't measure up to what's offered by cities that indisputably carry that title. And in London, five lines will remain open overnight on Friday and Saturday nights, beginning in 2015. I ask him why is then that whole chunks of some lines are routinely shut down over on weekends.
But Ross says our comparatively early closure time is a function of our system's infrastructure. Lines in London, for instance, run "both fairly close to one another and parallel," Ross says, allowing some lines to close for maintenance while proximate ones remain open for service. All stations are served during late night service, though, which runs from midnight until 6 a.m. Workers have to look at whether the tracks are in good condition, ensure switches are working and signals maintained, and make sure that the tracks are free of ice and debris. Though more maintenance time is required right now to do signal upgrades, he says a later closure isn't completely off the table for the future. They keep people from falling onto the tracks, and they also keep the tracks cleaner, preventing newspapers and other garbage from flying on to them.
Development of a Downtown Relief Line (yeah, that magical thing to dream about) could also make a later closure feasible. Longer hours of operation mean increased costs for labour, maintenance, electricity, hydro, etc. It's something that should've been implemented 20 years ago, it's still something that should be implemented.
Its not needed, let's focus on fixing and correcting the service during the hours its already running. Would you be willing to pay $3.50-$4.00 per ride all day everyday to support the over night service?
It would allow me, and I'm assuming many others, to be able to work later hours or stay out later with friends. I'd be hard-pressed to believe that anyone outside of Canada or the American northeast would mention Montreal if you asked them to name 15 international cities. It would likely reduce drunk driving a little bit and be some much needed relief from our awful cab system for anyone who lives downtown. Given that the sunday morning buses are wall-to-wall pressed ham from about 6am onwards, maybe that should be a priority?
If you have ever tried getting on those Blue Night buses during a major event like Nuit Blanche then good luck. Our subway was created from scratch by a single company, instead of being an amalgamation of multiple companies' systems. The idea of a driverless surface route might work if everything was light rail and streetcar, but no experimentation's been done on that possibility. But can we please have subways on Sunday start running at the same time as every other day of the week? Big cities in Asia are building huge subway systems that have the most modern systems and trains.
If they added routes to service some of the blank areas on that night map I think there would be fewer complaints. It would make more sense to have the subway open until 2:30AM on weekends, and earlier on Sunday mornings. The layout of the TTC is already way too centralized, focusing too much on the downtown core.
The vast majority of places you’d consider to be nightclubs are downtown, mostly in and near Greenwich Village. It comes out every Wednesday and covers listings from Thursday through the following Wednesday. It’s smartly written and sometimes includes listings that Time Out New York misses, but it only concentrates on nightlife and a few other related topics. The live music venues tend to be concentrated in and around Greenwich Village, but there are many notable exceptions. They have all the major concert listings, as well as links to where tickets can be purchased online. It’s not a great nightlife area, but if you are staying in this neighborhood there are plenty of opportunities within a close walk. It can be interesting to hang out in places inhabited completely by locals who are completely un-self-conscious of being hip or trendy. You’ll find loads of cookie-cutter “Irish pubs” around here, jammed to the gills with tourists and businessmen. You could do a lot worse than this area if you are staying in Times Square and you want to be close. Aside from a few Irish Pubs, you’ll find some faux trendy nightclubs and bizarre chain restaurants.
There are some decent places spread throughout this large area – including the famous and recommended Chumley’s Bar at 86 Bedford Street – but things around here tend to stay fairly calm and dignified. Bleeker Street is home to a famous strip of bars – several with live music or comedy – but these tend to be jammed with tourists and bridge & tunnel types.
This is easily the best drinking neighborhood in the city, especially if you include its eastern section, also known as Alphabet City.

There are a few fun bars mixed in, but this is not really a good drinking neighborhood in general. It’s basically like the eastern annex of the East Village, and new places are opening all the time.
Hosted by the self-described "prank collective" Improv Everywhere, the event attracted participants as old as 80 and as young as 19 to brave the 37-degree weather in their skivvies. One of the oldest in the group, 80-year-old No Pants regular John Reynolds, said he got separated from his group one year and had to endure people giving him the "evil eye."Todd started the prank in 2002 with six other friends, and it has since grown into a gathering of people of all colors, shapes, and (ahem) butt sizes. And similarly, in New York, there are parallel express tracks, allowing one track to close while the other one continues to run.
Once the system is "operating at a high degree of reliability" and in the event that platform-edge doors are installed, the TTC will have that discussion. Cleaner tracks mean less maintenance time required, which means the subway could easily stay open later.
It's not warranted." Those of us who like to party, he says, and those who work shift work or odd hours, can always make use of the Blue Night bus, which generally runs along the subway lines and other key transit arteries.
Like, TTC hires a second guy to stand at the front and yell at people to squish more or wait for the next bus packed (seriously how does that help, hire that guy to drive another fucking bus morons). I once waited like 3 hours for the CORRECT bus (tons of buses that go only half the way—I wonder why).
Besides that factor, what Toronto simply needs to do is constantly build and extend more subway lines (and catch up), and start earlier on Sunday mornings rather than the current small-town 9:00am start time. The subways also run all night, and contrary to what some people expect, they tend to be jammed with people late at night, so the danger is minimal. There is a large concentration of bars that sometimes serve as small nightclubs in the East Village, and an increasing number of worthwhile places just across the river in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Even some of the long-running stalwarts have been running into trouble lately, with periodic closings due to drug offenses and such.
They do an awesome job of listing everything even remotely worthwhile, and this includes extensive listings for museums, galleries, movies, and special events as well.
It’s most commonly found in Greenwich Village and in Williamsburg in newsboxes emblazoned with their L logo, but lately it’s been popping up elsewhere as well. If you want to just sample some random rock bands you can go down to Bleeker Street in the Village, but don’t expect to see anybody you’ll ever hear on the radio in the future.
One of the things that makes nightlife in New York City so magical is that there are small bars spread out through the city.
You’ve also got plenty of outrageously priced hotel bars, but the best advice is to head south from here, or at the very least, walk a few blocks west to Hell’s Kitchen. The rest of the area has many good and interesting bars – some new, and some well over a century old. Take the L subway line to Bedford (which is the first stop across the river) and you’ll exit at Bedford and 7th Street.
This year the pantless riders assembled at seven points across the city, from Williamsburg to Astoria, before converging at the 14th Street Union Square station.Visitors from as far away as Miami, China, and Austria took part in the pants takedown. Ross tells me that though internal discussions are had from time to time about staying open later on weekends, no serious talks on the topic have been had recently, and major improvements need to be made to our existing system before we can extend its hours even just until last call. I just wish that people would drop the inferiority complex and appreciate it on its own terms. The two-tracked isolated lines such as the Canarsie Line or Crosstown Line have to resort to either shuttle buses or be single-tracked and have trains running every 20 minutes. If running the Subway for a few extra hours at night would take hundreds of cars off the street, I am all for that. The places there tend to specialize in tribute bands and other cheesy things, but of course that can be fun sometimes too. This makes it easy to check one place out and if it’s too crowded, too empty, or playing music you dislike, you can just walk right back out and be in the next place only a minute or two later. Most of this area is completely a ghost town late in the evening, except for a couple of notable districts just below. The subway isn’t the most convenient way to get to this area, but it’s well worth walking a few extra blocks, even late at night. There are loads of interesting places within a few blocks in each direction of that corner, and this neighborhood has become a legit destination in the last decade. People are already outraged when the Yonge line is replaced by shuttle buses during some weekends between Bloor and Union, can you imagine if that happens almost every weekend? I once witnessed a woman be harassed and accosted by a group of young men, and the bus driver had to stop the bus and intervene. Avenue A and Avenue B have several places on each block, so you could do a long pub crawl through this neighborhood only going a hundred yards or so.
Many people from Manhattan actually come to Williamsburg to party instead of the other way around. He stressed mainly two things to the soon-to-be barelegged faithful: Take off your pants, and keep a straight face (and don't cause any trouble, lest they attract New York's finest).
In its fourteen-year history, the event has had only one run-in with the cops, in 2006, when eight participants were charged with disorderly conduct and given summonses, but a judge dismissed all the charges, as it is not illegal to be in your underwear in New York City (the Naked Cowboy can attest to this).
These are realistic but it's up to the different levels of govt, who have been proven to be suppressing it.
He added that, when asked why they were strutting around in their underthings, they should feign surprise or indifference.
What they probably upgraded at the start of the renovations probably needs to be fixed again.

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