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A teenager was pronounced dead in New York Friday evening as a result of injuries suffered from hitting his head against an overpass. While further discovery would be needed to affirm any of these facts it is important to hold responsible parties liable for injuries suffered.
Two double-decker buses crashed in the heart of New York City's Theater District on Tuesday, August 5, 2014. Police investigate the scene of a traffic accident involving two double-decker tour buses in New York City's Theater District, Tuesday Aug. Yesterday, at around 3pm in the afternoon, two double-decker buses crashed in Times Square, New York, leaving several injured. The buses generally transport individuals to visit popular and well-known areas in Manhattan but opponents are using the accident as an opportunity to illustrate the dangers of such a business.
Although it is not obvious what Dalambert was under the influence of, his driving record indicates a history of irresponsibility. Majed Nachawati is a preeminent personal injury lawyer with a focus on representing victims and families involved in automobile accidents, wrongful death cases, and product liability claims throughout the state of Texas. See our site or enter your information below to send us a quick message and we'll reply in one business day or less. Texas Accident and Injury Lawyers, Fears Nachawati Law Firm, offering services relating to auto accidents, eighteen wheeler accidents, medical malpractice wrongful death, personal injuries, insurance companies, serving Dallas, Ft.
Pair of double-decker buses collide in Times Square, 14 injured The crash happened at the bustling intersection of 47th St. Two double-decker tour buses slammed into each other in Times Square on Tuesday, leaving 14 people injured, pedestrians pelted with debris a€” and a child in a stroller nearly crushed by a toppled traffic light. The traffic light post nearly crushed a toddler who was visiting the city with her family from Brisbane, Australia, said witness Justin Adams, 29, of Brooklyn.
Martin Meredith said his daughter, Lila, 3, was fine after she was checked out at Roosevelt Hospital.
He said the hospital stay was a€?just precautionary.a€? Michael Graae for new York Daily News The damage is clear on this Gray Line bus that was involved in Tuesday's crash in Times Square that injured 14. The wreck happened in one of the citya€™s new 25 mph speed-limit zones, which is going into effect later this month as part of Mayor de Blasioa€™s Vision Zero program to end traffic injuries and deaths. Three people suffered serious injuries, including a woman whose legs were injured by the light post, officials said.

Police were unable to say whether speed was a contributing factor in the wreck, but witnesses said both buses were going too fast. James Stephens, a ticket broker, said the Gray Line bus hit the CitySights bus hard, and careened into the streetlight. A stroller was crushed when a traffic light came crashing down on a busy Times Square sidewalk. The Gray Line busa€™ windshield blew out when it careened onto the sidewalk and sprayed glass on revelers sitting near the landmark TKTS Broadway discount ticket booth, witnesses said. Her mother, Susanne Dilger, said she saw the horrified drivera€™s face as the bus barreled toward them.
The facts allegedly state that the hatch on a double decker bus was opened and the injuries occurred after the victim placed his head outside.
If you have been injured as a result of injuries from riding a bus, speak to a personal injury attorney.
The accident happened when William Dalambert, the driver of the red Gray Line involved in the accident, slammed into a stopped City Sites bus and a Yukon SUV at W. At the scene of the accident, Dalambert failed a sobriety test and later submitted to blood and urine testing to determine whether he was using prescription or illegal drugs. Surveillance video obtained by EarthCam showed a traffic signal crashing down onto a crowded sidewalk. The toddler was then taken by ambulance to New York-Presbyterian Hospital Columbia for observation, he said.
A tour director on the Gray Line bus was flung head-first into the dashboard and had to be extricated, officials said. Tourist Annika Dilger, 17, visiting from Cologne, Germany, said she and her mother were in the busa€™ path. Reports show that the security guard on the bus was on the first floor of the bus when the incident took place. High impact head collisions result in serious brain injuries. If the driver or security guard knew that the passengers were opening the hatch, certain measures should have been taken to avoid potential injury. The driver has also had his driving privileges suspended 9 times in the past few years due to a lack of insurance.
Gray Line New York has had 18 of its buses put out of commission in the past year because they were considered extremely unsafe.

From a civil standpoint, our firm has represented numerous victims and their families who are affected by a motor vehicle accident. Nachawati has resolved numerous workplace motor vehicle accident cases through trial and settlement that have brought seven and eight figure confidential reward settlements.
The pole came down, glass flew everywhere, people were bleeding all around us,a€? Dilger said. Additionally, it is possible that the hatch was opened in order to reduce the temperatures inside of the bus.
Family members of those who have been fatally injured can bring a wrongful death lawsuit for their injuries.
The families of the victimis should consult with an attorney to file a suit against Dennison if he was found to have been driving recklessly. In this tragic case the bus operator should be held liable as well as the security company. Fourteen people in total were injured, with several of them transported to nearby hospitals. A successful civil claim would enable the survivors and their families to cover any needed medical expenses. He is licensed to practice before the Supreme Court of Texas and Arkansas and is licensed in the Northern, Southern, and Eastern Districts of Texas. Fourteen people were injured and crowds waiting for discount Broadway tickets were sent running, according to officials and witnesses.
The impact launched the first bus onto a sidewalk and into the traffic signal, cops and witnesses said. A successful claim can also possibly cover any time lost from work or any pain and suffering caused by the injuries received from the accident. Nachawati is a member of the Board of Directors of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association, the Board of Directors for Public Justice, a Leader’s Forum and PAC member of the American Association for Justice. Nachawati has been recognized as a Super Lawyer in Texas Monthly Magazine for the past five years in a row for legal excellence, in connection with wrongful death and products liability cases.

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