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Comment by Ralph van den BergPosted on 10 March, 2010If you've created some cool images, you can post the links to them here in the comments. Recent Activity 11 Apr, 2016: davidnalson commented on Even More Stuff to Watch"I totally agree with you. Aurora’s activities today in the Avenue are working towards Willow Court having a good supply of electric power along with others in the Avenue, by the photos this is very close to finishing.
Willow Court has a lack of electric power and security, but this last week and this week the Avenue will be closed while underground cables are installed. Zapping microbes with electricity could replace tonnes of chemicals used in cleaning up mining wastewater, thanks to scientists who have developed a new water treatment system.
Microbes are already used in conventional wastewater treatments to mop up contaminants by adding or removing electrons. The researchers from the University of Utah say that their electrobiochemical reactor (EBR) system bypasses the addition of excess chemicals by feeding electrons directly to the microbes. He adds, ''The metal contaminants are removed and collected in a form that can be recycled. The low voltage used by the EBR can also easily be generated using a small solar power grid, helping to minimise the overall environmental impact. Following their successful trial in treating wastewater at an inactive gold mine, Adams and his colleagues are now embarking on a second pilot-scale study at a mine for silver and other metals in Canada's Yukon Territory.
Although the research team are focusing on removing metals from mining wastewater, Adams points out that EBR has great potential for other applications. The use of enormous batteries is changing the scene as renewable energy rapidly grows to take over 15% of UK power production by 2020. The move to exploit rainforest and peatland with no motive other than profit is finally being stopped. A new theory on why we have such biodiverse islands, while some are literally desert has been long in coming, but itA’s here. When dolphins are 'rescued' in various countries, the car given seems to be ill-considered.
There are a ton of reasons why electric cars should be the dominant type of car on our roads — reasons why you should really ditch your gasmobile for an electric car.
I wish I could say it’s no secret, but it actually is something like a secret that electric cars are simply way more enjoyable to drive than gasmobiles.
But word of mouth can be a powerful sales force, and word gets around increasingly fast as an awesome product starts to gain market share.
This quote from an early investor in Tesla after testing out an early Roadster is extreme and refers to a prime Tesla product, but it still captures the essence of the story at all electric vehicle price levels: “What the hell did you do to my Porsche? Of course, it’s not the car guys or the $250,000 Porsche guys who need to adopt electric cars in order to help us stop global warming, cut air pollution, cut energy insecurity and fuel price spikes. Keep up with the latest EV news and commentary here on CleanTechnica, and feel free to subscribe to our infamous EV newsletter — we won’t tell anyone. Keep up to date with all the hottest cleantech news by subscribing to our (free) cleantech newsletter, or keep an eye on sector-specific news by getting our (also free) solar energy newsletter, electric vehicle newsletter, or wind energy newsletter. Zachary Shahan is tryin' to help society help itself (and other species) one letter at a time. I think, eventually, electric cars will not only dominate the market but be the only option. COMMENT FROM Ross; (USA) usually adopt new technology more enthusiastically than Europeans. Well that certainly isn’t true with credit card technology, we are still stuck with magnetic strips, no embedded chip and massive frauds. My sister-in-law has not bought any gas for two years, since she got her Leaf, and my brother also drives an i MiEV for over a year now.

So, now instead of paying 2-3? per mile each to drive (already amazing!) they are now paying about 1? for 2 miles of driving.
The base model Nissan Leaf XE with 32A 6KW fast charger is €21,490 in Ireland after the €5,000 government discount.
Driving around 10,000km each year the fuel cost savings alone would be about €1,000 per annum. As far as I can tell the only things that might be holding people back now are: range anxiety (there are 30 public fast chargers and many more slow chargers) and the expectation of further improvements in battery technology. For $30k you can get a diesel combi from a good (enough) quality brand that gets you around 59 miles per gallon. Maybe the sales will go up since the VW e-UP, the Mitsubishi Outlander plug-in hybrid and the BMW i3 just started selling here. People here are very aware of the environment, economicly logical and not afraid of new trends and technology so once the electric car makes enough sense there will be a boom. It’s common for people to think of golf carts or small, dinky vehicles when they think of electric cars. Solving oil scarcity is of course fortunate byproduct, but I would consider it only as byproduct. In fact replacing the expensive transmission, and engine plus pollution control equipment (with a cheap electric motor) makes the battery costs quite palatable. The electricity cost of Volt’s batteries is less than $50 per MWh and this is five times cheaper than leading grid storage batteries and three times cheaper than EOS grid storage batteries. If they had same cycle life than with EOS batteries, then electricity from Volt’s batteries would cost only $10 per MWh.
But to work effectively, they need to be 'fed' using vast amounts of nutrients and chemicals.
This boosts how quickly they can clean up pollutants, such as arsenic, mercury, selenium, nitrates and sulphates. Indonesia has needed to act on mining, forestry and agriculture for decades, and finally the ball is rolling. It’s common for people to think of golf carts or small, dinky vehicles when they think of electric cars. Mainstream media reporters, most of whom have never driven a modern electric car themselves, certainly aren’t communicating this to the public. The Chevy Volt, before tax credits or rebates, starts at $34,185. After the federal tax credit, the starting price is $26,685.
Check out and test drive 11 electric cars that cost less than the average new car in the US, or the higher-end electric cars that actually cost more. They are still a pretty new concept and as they continue to modify and improve electric cars they will become more and more accepted. I hope to convert my car to electric, as the options right now, as cars go, are not that good-looking, for what I like (I’m not into sedans).
These markets are not driven by sentiment, though the buyers are influenced by image and in the case of municipal bus companies by some concern for the public interest.
Compared against the VW Golf it makes immediate sense without even considering the impact of CO2 emissions.
I suspect many people have false concerns about the residual value of an EV if they buy it now.
And then you have to consider that Chevrolet is one of the absolute worst brands when it comes to quality and owner satisfaction here so it’s an uphill battle. And most of the diesel here is with 25-35% renewables (mostly synthetic diesel identical on a molecule level to regular diesel). They make a lot of sense, are cars people would trust and (almost) make economical sense too.

Kind of ironic since ABB is from Sweden and they hold almost all of the market shares in Europe for the CCS chargers. Way too expensive, no fast charging infrastructure and a very limited number of models available to buy.
And since our electricity is free from fossil fuels it’s a great place for electric cars to be. And only problem is the high battery cost, but this gets better as demand increases and technology matures. Tesla’s battery cell cost is around $250 per kWh and this is clearly cheapest in industry. It would be far cheaper battery storage than forthcoming EOS utility scale batteries that are about the revolutionize the grid storage markets. What you'll find is a very addictive drawing app that you can use to create stunning abstract flame fractals in a matter of minutes. They could even end up in commercial aquarium shows, but they certainly rarely make it back to the sea. Only 22% of respondents in a recent nationwide study said they were familiar with the Tesla Model S, only 31% said that they were familiar with the Nissan Leaf, the highest-selling electric car in the world.
Also, notably, it’s women, since they dominate the decision-making process on family expenditures.
I was at my local Chevy dealership in NJ last month and he made a good point when discussing electric car options that they need more places to charge such cars for longer road tips. I might go for a Tesla Model X or, if they redo the Roadster with supercharger capability, (I read this rumor somewhere), that would be a fun 2nd car, if my ship comes in soon. The reason this market matters is that vans and buses do very high mileages compared to private cars, and a shift to EVs will have more dramatic effects on carbon and particulate emissions. I’m told that the people in the USA usually adopt new technology more enthusiastically than Europeans. Besides, is it really the case that the EV market is growing much faster in the US than Europe, once you adjust for differential economic recovery?
If the Volt came from another company known for quality and reliability it would have helped a lot. Zach is recognized globally as a solar energy, electric car, energy storage, and wind energy expert. If I weer to buy such a car I would want to be able to treat it like a gas vehicle and not have to worry about even finding the existence of a electric pump in some areas. If EV’s were sold in the numbers that the Ford Focus is sold, price drops getting to that point would be continuous and substantial at each point. Just wave your mouse around to get the pointers jiggling about and click and hold to draw lines and waves of electricity. Batteries are expensive but are not the huge problem the production engineering uninformed of the media make them out to be. After a couple runs you can play with the sliders at the bottom to add different touches to your artwork. When you're done, hit "save" and you'll be presented with a 1680x1050 pixel JPG of your work ready to be loaded as your new wallpaper.

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