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A lease car can be defined as company that allows others to use a vehicle for a certain time period, once this time is finished the car is returned back to the company, you can find ex lease cars for sale nz, companies are constantly updating their car stock. If problems are found, you should expect the seller of the car whether a dealership or private to fix these problems.
While you are having a visual look at the car ensure it is good lighting and on a clear day, you will be able to see all the cars flaws and no panel defects can be hidden. Mechanical inspections cost and can put you back up to hundred dollars, the cost of repairs may end up costing you more in the long run if no inspection was carried out. Benefits of purchasing an ex lease car is that the car is usually new or has been with the company from when it was new, this means that full background details are available for viewing. Through our partnership with Carlins Automotive Auctioneers, Holden Leasing offers you the opportunity to buy ex-lease passenger and commercial vehicles at competitive prices. Privacy Statement: Holden Leasing is committed to protecting the privacy and rights of its customers. Straightforward, impartial advice and competitive Contract Hire rates on all new cars, combined with all the data you need to make an informed choice.
The Infiniti EX lease offers below are based on 10,000mpa unless specified otherwise, for alternative quotations please use the enquire button.

Infiniti EX Leasing - Cheap Personal & Business lease deals on all new Infiniti EX cars.
We match the most suitable car finance companies with the cheapest and best new lease cars supplier and the results are that we offer YOU the very best car lease deals available. The lease durations we offer usually range from 24 to 60 months although we can occasionally offer shorter car lease deals. Full Maintenance car lease is available as well as other additional services such as breakdown cover and relief vehicle cover.
Infiniti EX Delivery times will depend on the exact model and colour of car you require, however, if you require a car quickly we do our very best to find you one. Above you will see some of our sample Infiniti EX car lease deals, please enquire for a written lease quotation or you can apply for the finance you require online. Whilst the majority of the lease we offer are on Contract Hire, we can also offer Finance Lease, Contract Purchase (PCP), Hire Purchase or whatever you require and will advise if applicable which finance method we feel would be most suited to your lease requirements.
When you buy any used car you should have it looked at and an inspection carried out by a professional mechanical, or alternatively an AA assessment conducted to ensure that there are no hidden problems in the car.
If you get an inspection carried out by a mechanic, they are legally obliged to conduct a reasonable job of checking and examining the car for defects and to ensure safety measures are implemented, if they do not they may be held responsible if problems occur afterwards.

When you buy ex lease cars for sale nz, you get the bonus of buying a somewhat new car for a cheaper price.
The leased car tends to remain in a good condition due to the lease holder being held responsible for any damage done to the car during the lease term. Our Privacy Policy contains important information about how we collect, hold, use and disclose personal information. It explains what happens if we cannot collect your personal information, as well as how you can access and correct the personal information we hold about you or make a complaint. If you do not wish to receive promotional material from us, or would like a copy of our Privacy Policy, please contact us on 02 8899 4800.

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