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Before it was eclipsed by the Twentieth Century Limited, the Empire State Express was the New York Central's flagship passenger run. SEVEN people have died this morning after a crowded commuter train smashed into a car and burst into flames outside New York City.
APThe female SUV driver was killed as the train hit the vehicle Dozens were injured when the busy commuter train struck a Jeep Cherokee on the tracks at a railway crossing in Valhalla, some 20 miles north of New York City.
In 1893, it was the Empire State Express, led by a hot-rod 4-4-0 with outlandishly large drivers, that became the first man-made vehicle to exceed 100 mph and made the New York Central famous around the world. You know there was people in front of me and behind me, and I was trapped in the middle of a car and it was getting very hot."All the air was turned off so there was no circulation so it was definitely scary especially when people are walking by on the outside and they said, 'The train's on fire.

Beyond the record-setting run, the Empire State Express gained recognition as a pioneer in high-speed rail service on its New York-Buffalo-Cleveland route. It says a lot about our personal space - what a concept in the city - and shuttling around in shiny metal boxes.
Scientific American noted in 1898 that the Empire State Express "opened the present remarkable era of fast, long distance express trains. High-quality coach travel made a comeback during the Depression, however, as railroads sought to attract customers by offering less-expensive fares combined with upgraded amenities. So it was that on December 7, 1941, with much fanfare, the New York Central launched a newly equipped Empire State Express with two Henry-Dreyfus-styled Hudsons and gleaming, streamlined Budd-built train sets.

Passengers on the inaugural run were surprised at the scarcity of trackside observers, until they heard about the event halfway around the world that had overshadowed all other news that December Sunday.

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