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This model is offering a unique train layout, having Dimensions of 36" X 52" with several street and interior lights which gives an incredible shine to you room.
This is just a basic guide to bridge types, where they are commonly used and who makes them in N scale. Deck plate girder is considered a more advanced, tough and durable alternative to Steel Girder.
You may not know that we released two new bridges in Jan 2011, a 90ft Deck Girder and a 120ft Deck Girder. Not to be the wisenhiemer, but you missed a few that would be used on or in conjunction to a railroad. I'd be real interested in seeing how people modeled different spans, much in the same way John showed all those prototypes.
Today, it is made in the United States, but for many years, it was made in England and shipped all over the world.

But you can modify a Monroe Models Concrete and girder bridge with a balsa wood deck to create a similar appearance. Many trestles have collapsed or burned recently, so some railroads are starting to replace their trestle spans with this kind of bridge. Could you all recognize the type of bridge attached in the photo and what manufacturer produces this bridge for N scale.
It required some maintenance, but overall was a good bridge that if kept maintained, would last for 70 years or more. This bridge is cheap and easy to build, only will last at least twice as long as wooden trestle. Some Art Deco bridges were just approach spans to a girder main span, but others were very large, and crossed creeks and swamps. Two notable designs are the Howe bridge, similar to Pratt's design and the Lenticular bridge, which I think I have seen used for railroads somewhere.

The great advantage is the fact that it requires little maintenance, and can be built in large spans.
I am a fan of truss bridge design because it uses what may be called an engineer's force triangle.
In a force triangle loads are transmitted in such a way that members are either in compression or tension.

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