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Percy is racing to the Sodor Post Office where his cargo can be sorted, switched and shipped!
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Featuring multiple Thomas & Friends™ locations, transforming cargo, and a remote that lets you control Thomas, TrackMaster™ Mad Dash On Sodor from Fisher-Price offers a thrilling, interactive adventure!
Another annoying thing is that other non-remote Trackmaster trains, newly purchased or older ones, don't work well on the track.
All in all I didn't get what we were hoping for, but it has helped to provide a focal point of play for my toddler and us parents, so it is somewhat of a win.
This takes a while to set up and the instructions aren't the best but it is so worth it. An accessory for the Thomas & Friends™ Wooden Railway with fun features including motions, lights and sounds! Children will love playing out stories of pumping, loading and delivering oil all over the Island of Sodor. It’s all about speed, control, and teamwork as children use the remote to help Thomas navigate a hectic day on the Island of Sodor.

If the batteries are fresh in Thomas, there are parts of the track that Thomas will fall off of due to the speed (mainly the spiral descent), but if the batteries are a bit worn, the Thomas will run slower and not fall off the spiral.
I think it is a particular win for him since the track falls apart easily with just the slightest nudge or pressure on the higher tracks, so my husband or I end up playing with him for much of the time to maintain the track.
Start by picking up a boulder from the hopper, then continue on to Blue Mountain Quarry where Thomas’ special cargo car automatically dumps the boulder down the chute.
But, if the batteries have worn out just a little bit or more, it can't make it up the quarry ramp to receive the hanging bolder, no matter how I fiddle with the track construction. I was kind of hoping that it would be a great toy to keep him occupied for long stretches of time on his own, but given how complex the track is to repair, it isn't ideal for extended solo play. Occasionally I have to go in and put things back together and adjust things but it gives me an opportunity to hang out with my kid so its no problem.
She has played with it everyday but now the train is getting stuck on the track as it tries to go up hill. When the boulder slides into the shipping warehouse, it transforms into a barrel, which rolls from the warehouse towards Cranky.
The person who complained the train stopped going up just needed to adjust the track or change the batteries in the train. 6 green engine speeds around the track to retrieve it, the cargo is transformed inside the post office before emerging on the other side!

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Use the remote to race Thomas down the spiral track towards the shipping warehouse, where spinning Cranky will pick up the barrel and drop it off for Thomas. With a massive track layout and plenty of exciting action to explore, you’re part of the adventure as you control Thomas during this Mad Dash On Sodor! My husband complained because he doesn't care for the quality of the Trackmaster tracks in the new design.
They are more flimsy and don't hold up as well as the old tracks in the Castle Quest set etc. She hate to waste money, I hate to waste space and thats what track master sets are a waste of space. Only complaint we really have is there are several spots on the upper level of the setup that really needs more support columns. If my son puts his hand or arm up there and any weight gets on it it will make the track come apart.

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