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A diesel locomotive crawls into the Squirrel Valley train station where ticketed passengers await their ride.
The riders come to the top of the steep, chain-driven hoist on the Cloud Scraper roller coaster.
Hop aboard Grapevine’s Vintage Railroad and have a unique experience riding the rails along the historc Cotton Belt Route between Downtown Grapevine and the Fort Worth Stockyards. The North Pole Express runs every December offering a fun and memorable holiday journey that includes a visit from Santa. About this siteThis site is brought to you by Grapevine residents who love Grapevine and want to provide the best information about the city and local events that you can find anywhere. We shop, eat, and live here and can provide the most up to date information that you can find.
See Model Railroad Videos and Train Video Clips and Model Railroad Photos on the Squirrel Valley Railroad!
The Squirrel Valley RailroadThere are hundreds of photos and dozens of videos on The Squirrel Valley Railroad. To access any of the photos and videos of any of these features of The Squirrel Valley Railroad, simply click on one of the 81 numbers or 12 letters next to a feature on the overhead layout diagram.
While you're using our diagram, you’ll decide what mode you'll be in: Close-up (side), Side View, Top View, or Video, and you'll stay in that mode until you choose a different mode.
The Squirrel Valley Railroad DEMO: This is simply an online website in which you can try out enough of The Squirrel Valley Railroad action to see if you want to get the DOWNLOAD. Why would anyone want to select .wmv, which will play only on SOME browsers, when they can just as easily select .mpg format, which will play fine on ANYONE’s computer?
AMAZING MODEL railway TRAIN VIDEO KIDS CHILDREN GRANDCHILDREN HD model railroad videos kids. Riders will enjoy the ride in authentic Victorian-style coaches that will take you back in time to the early 1900’s.

The event lets kids ride on board a Thomas train and offers other attractions kids love such as bounce houses and free live entertainment. These staged train robberies occur every Saturday and Sunday on the Grapevine to Fort Worth ride.
Whether your special interest is coal mines, logging, mills, coal yards, lead mines, gravel depots, nut factories, mattress factories, passenger trains, passenger stations, excursion runs, elevated trains, subways, gold mines, gold mills, cities, yards, mountains, rock formations, cliffs, animal scenes, nature scenes, human action scenes, commercial buildings, stores, ponds, streams, oceans, waterfalls, small towns, junctions, bridges, landscaping, nostalgia, docks, processing plants, tunnel portals, furniture factories, industries, lumber yards, distribution warehouses, refineries, farms, funny scenes, or from-the-movies scenes like our green slime that’s like what The Green Slime and The Blob had, or our living dead zombies leaving a graveyard that’s like what Night of the Living Dead had, or our meteor crater scene that’s like what The War of the Worlds had, The Squirrel Valley Railroad has it all!
Think of it as an interactive version of one of the layout diagrams in a magazine such as Model Railroader (our favorite).
The Mode selection menu is a set of four buttons found in the upper left corner of the screen. In going to the DEMO site, make sure you start from squirrel-valley-railroad-demo.htm in order for everything to work right. All Windows computers have Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player, and they all play .wmv files.
If Notepad or another text file editor doesn't open the file, select Open With and then choose Notepad. We suggest creating a new folder in your My Documents (Documents for Vista) folder called Squirrel Valley. IF your default browser is Internet Explorer, once the files are extracted, double-click on the START-HERE.htm file. Every time you wish to enjoy the Squirrel Valley Railroad in the future, repeat step 4 or 5 or make a shortcut. You know the cat that sees kids today on their fancy video games and This gust from the past happened.
Presents group A wonderful model power train set for kids to awesome item and fun model railroad videos kids. Hot train action, including lots of switching, and narrated in an entertaining style you're sure to enjoy.

Once you see a feature’s photo in one mode, you may wish to click a different Mode button and see the same scene from a different viewpoint. You'd have to have an ancient computer or have found a way to delete IE or Windows Media Player in order to have .wmv problems.
If you choose a non-IE browser, you'll take your chances with the players that come up in Firefox or Opera or others, if any come up at all. Kids rent their own train engines track down free in wonderland layout at the Model dragoon Club indium You need. Or look at all the features in a certain area of the layout in one mode, then switch to a different mode and check out all those features once again—from a new viewpoint.
If you find a way to make the wmv files work on Firefox or Opera, good for you, but if there are problems, use IE!
Looking for school videos for kids We’ve put together a aggregation of our favorites. Since all the videos and pictures are right there and need no downloading, once you initially download The Squirrel Valley Railroad, all files and pictures appear almost instantly every time you access this local copy of The Squirrel Valley Railroad from then on. Educational video of angstrom MEET ME astatine THE recession practical Field Trip to the San the history of mold trains. We’ve also included television express trains like Chuggington Dinosaur Train and old favorite Norman Mattoon Thomas the armored combat vehicle And posture railway and narrow caliber trains too.
And that’s why we decided to have a download you can buy—so each and every one of those hundreds of files will load right away, RATHER THAN MAKING YOU SIT AND WAIT!

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