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Caleh Salih, 25, has traveled by rickety bus through poverty-stained India and war-torn Lebanon for her work with the non-profit International Crisis Group, "but nothing compares to the Fung Wah," she said. Shuttling every half-hour between New York's Chinatown and Boston, Fung Wah was known for being fast, cheap, and blocking access to company safety records, which, after failing several safety inspections, is what lead the Department of Transportation in March to order the company to cease all operations. Pickup was at the curb in Chinatown, with large Chinese characters emblazoned on the bus and signs surrounding the station door. Then, mid-point through the trip, there was always a stop at the same shady Chinese buffet by the highway. Competition remains fierce with six other bus lines offering low-cost and speedy service between New York and Boston: BoltBus, Greyhound Express, Lucky Star, Megabus, Peter Pan, and Yo! Comparing the NewYork to Boston busesMegabus has the price advantage, selling advance tickets for $3, with prices rising based on demand. Caveat: no matter what the price, all tickets are nonrefundable, but most bus lines will let you reschedule tickets in advance for future dates. The safety-conscious should note that Lucky Star had the lowest marks for safety and maintenance. The company provided low-cost service between Boston and New York City and was popular among college students.

Forget about a cheap ticket to New York City – the Boston-based Fung Wah bus company has been ordered off the road by federal officials. Getty ImagesPassengers line up to board a Fung Wah bus headed for Boston on August 4, 2008 in New York City. On Monday, state inspectors labeled the bus company an “imminent hazard” and instructed it to take 21 out of its 28 vehicles off the road. On one bus, inspectors found multiple oil leaks from different parts of the engine, and nuts and bolts that weren’t secure.
During one visit, [officials] were inspecting the buses for hours and five were in such disrepair they had to be towed.
That, however, has not deterred passengers looking for a cheap ticket between East Coast cities; some customers were still lining up to buy tickets even after the company was asked to cease and desist. Erica Ho was previously a reporter for TIME in Hong Kong where she wrote about technology, pop culture and Asian international affairs.
Everyone piled out, silently smoked, then piled back on for a ride that could have its fair share of speed and swerving.
Excessive speed was cited as factor in the accident, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Fung Wah operates primarily between Boston and New York City and is known for tickets as low as $15 for the four-hour trip. And as of yesterday, federal officials from the Transportation Department ordered Fung Wah to halt all service. Onboard, it was a "sticky smelly situation" said Salih, with the air filled with the mixing aromas of the food fellow passengers picked up nearby.
The bus line was involved in six accidents between 2005 and 2008, including collisions with dividers and guardrails, a bus fire, and in one case, losing the rear two wheels while driving passengers on the Massachusetts Turnpike. Their double-deckers, unique in North America, boast Wi-Fi, power seats, and more legroom than a standard coach. Tickets usually run between $8-$17, up to $25 for same-day sales, and $40 for peak holiday travel. The bus line also boasts the safest driving and best vehicle maintenance scores of the bunch.

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