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It was inevitable for it to happen because movie-based video games are just too good for movie studios and game publishers to pass up. How to Train Your Dragon video game launches gamers into a third-person action-adventure as a Viking hero where they must embark upon an epic quest to become the ultimate dragon trainer. In actuality, How to Train Your Dragon is a neat sounding game for a few reasons: Players get to create their very own dragon using one of six types of dragons with tons of customization features.
Whether or not the game manages to break the mold -- something only very few movie-based games happened to do -- is very doubtful but at least hopeful.
Gamers can look for How to Train Your Dragon to hit store shelves for the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and DS in March.
Based on the upcoming film from DreamWorks Animation, the How to Train Your Dragon video game launches gamers into a third-person action-adventure as a Viking hero where they must embark upon an epic quest to become the ultimate dragon trainer. In this truly larger-than-life adventure, players will train dragons, explore environments and battle in prestigious dragon tournaments as they battle for Viking victory.
Create Your Very Own Dragon – The “Create Your Dragon” feature allows players to customise six different types of dragons, providing virtually unending combinations of ways to modify your dragon’s appearance. Train your Dragon for Battle – “Level Up” your dragon’s speed, power, fire and other abilities through intense training to face the critical Viking challenge of becoming the ultimate dragon trainer. Pick up Where the Movie Left Off – Players enjoy an all-new post-movie adventure as they jump into battle as their favorite characters. Head-to-Head Multiplayer Mode – Arcade mode allows friends to select their dream team of four individually customized dragons or dragons chosen from the arcade roster, then jump in and battle against each other. Activision confirm all-new adventure game based on the upcoming movie, How To Train Your Dragon. Today Dreamworks announced that publisher Little Orbit will be handling How to Train Your Dragon 2, a video game tie-in with this year’s How to Train Your Dragon 2, coming to theaters this summer.

In the game, players will take control of a dragon rider alongside characters from the film, with the ability to choose from several different riders and dragons as the game takes you through dragon flight school on the Viking island of Berk. How to Train Your Dragon 2 will release on other platforms as well, including Xbox 360, 3DS, Wii, and PlayStation 3. Yeah, they should make companies stop making games for the Wii, and force people to buy a Wii U. I can think of of one Weezer song title and one Ben Folds Five song title to sum up my thoughts on this post. The point wasn’t whether or not you liked it, it was that all review scores are based on opinions. Come back to me with that illogical response, when you’ve talked to more than just a handful of kids over the net vs the whole gaming community world wide. So since you’re telling me that there is more kids in the world than adults, that means that Mario is more for kids.
Honestly most young adults especially ones in college sit I there dorm room and play Sony or xbox. With that said, Activision has announced that they will be publishing the game How to Train Your Dragon, which is based on the movie of the same name.
Gamers can play as characters ?Hiccup? or Astrid? on the vast Island of Berk, which features expanded locales from the film including Vikings? Village, Wild Zone, Training Zone and Fight Arena. The game also expands on where the movie leaves off, so players can train up their pet dragon and go beyond the limitations of the film?s story.
Gamers can play as characters “Hiccup” or Astrid” on the vast Island of Berk, which features expanded locales from the film including Vikings’ Village, Wild Zone, Training Zone and Fight Arena.
Plus, gamers can become the Dragon hero of their living room as they square-off with friends and family in endless head-to-head multi-player combat!

Explore the picturesque Island of Berk as Hiccup or Astrid in Adventure Mode or experience fierce battle action in Arena Mode as you fight for your crown as ultimate dragon warrior. According to the head of DreamWorks Interactive Animation Chris Hewish, the team is happy to have Little Orbit developing a companion game for the release of the film.
Knack was an okay game, but those calling it shovelware, need to research a little better. However, no matter how much they agree with you, it still remains an opinion, as calling something good or bad, is subjective, and not objective.
They are me but from alternate dimensions where I’m either a kid, a woman or a zombie head.
If you wanna use metacritic scores as proving how bad games are, then by that definition alone, Sonic Lost World was a bad game, or any game below 80 for that matter. I’ve never had more fun with my Wii than when I had a party with about 10 people and played that game. That way families that own Wiis will eventually see that it can be a smooth transition to the newer Nintendo console when they see familiar games on it. I hate to say this cuz i don’t see it like this but a majority of a adults see it as something embarrassing to own. Nobody wants to go to the movies and watch pixar movies all the time they have to see some rated r shit as well. I like it but people aren’t going to agree because of the scores but if I were to go I like SM3DW most people would agree as they would have read the reviews and all the praise it has got.

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