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Pride Home Services stock New Treated Railway Sleepers for use in our projects and also for supply only to our customers.
If you are building raised beds, retaining walls and do not own a chainsaw or fancy cutting sleepers by hand, then let us make things even easier.
Please note: All sleeper sizes are approximate and as such cannot be cut to millimetre perfection. All sleepers are to be paid for in full and once the order is received and goods cut to size then no refunds or cancellations are allowed.
Delivery charges may apply, please supply postcode and quantity required and a cost can be provided. If you have a garden you can construct a real steam driven locomotive all weather railway layout in G gauge or 16mm scale.
Wooden sleepers were first used on wooden tracked railways in British mines from around the beginning of the eighteenth century. There are a number of benefits of using second-hand wooden railway sleepers in your landscaping projects. Things to consider when creating raised flower- beds and borders with railway sleepers.- Are the height and width you want your bed to be. You can use railway sleepers for your borders and flower beds in a number of different ways. Row 1.The first row of Railway sleepers should be laid on a prepared small level foundation of concrete to help with stability. Row 2 should be laid directly on top of row 1 make sure you lay like bricks so the vertical joins do not align better to cut one Railway sleeper in half and use it to start the second row. Inject a little gun applied chemical resin into the holes (don’t try filling the holes as you have to leave room for the bolt) then fit your bolts into the holes  (zinc plated coach bolts 12mm x 300mm will do nicely) They may need a gentle tap with a hammer – then clean off any excess glue. If you intend to make wall any higher than 800mm or you want to form a curve you need to use the sleepers vertically. Based on the above your trench needs to be excavated to a depth of 800mm – Then fill the bottom of the trench with 100mm of level concrete and allow it to set. Stand your Railway sleepers up and one by one and use temporary support battens placed at an angle nailed into the sleeper and secured into the surrounding ground.

Keep adding Railway sleepers until the wall is complete – you can also fix horizontal battens to keep them nicely aligned. Next mass fill the trench up to the top with good quality concrete and allow to cure for 1 week before loading soil against them- It’s a good idea to use 2 layers of landscape fabric to line the wall of railway sleepers before filling. Another tip -try to make sure you get all the tops of the railway sleepers dead in line as cutting them after will be a real sod of a job. You can also alternate height of beds around your garden and intersperse these with large rocks, or containers and plant them with a variety of alpine plants, heathers and lavenders.  Solid pottery containers with wild thyme, columbine and black eyed Susans look particularly decorative. If you have a small space to landscape, such as a city yard, you can use railway sleepers to create a long and thin bed to sow your flowers or vegetables in. Besides flower beds and borders you may wish to use sleepers to delineate play areas and sandpits or use them to create garden furniture. These sleepers have been incredibly popular with the residents of Bury, Bolton and Manchester.
These materials can be used for a wide range of projects such as retaining walls, steps, raised beds and borders, the list goes on. We have the machinery, tools and fixings to create stunning projects for you, however if you have the tools and know how to complete these projects yourself and simply need us to supply only, we can happily deliver the sleepers from our stock.
They span from early steam engines of the Victorian times to the modern high speed intercity express locomotives. The ability to have model steam engines that are actually powered by steam is irresistable. A recent railway unearthed at an iron works in Bersham near Wrexham found that the rails were made of elm and the sleepers of oak.
Coach bolts have a slightly rounded head – a good smack with a club hammer will drive the head down a little. To do this a trench will have to be excavated to structurally retain the bottom section of the sleeper below ground level. It is relatively simple to cover a raised bed with cloches in the winter to protect your vulnerable plants. You can also plant upended sleepers into the ground among tall plants and bushes to give a Japanese garden effect and use them with water features.

Wooden railway sleepers will add character to your landscaping with every knot and split they display, as they weather down to a lovely silvery grey. Wooden sleepers went on to be used above ground as railways developed as public transportation. Do you want to access, without actually climbing onto it, then 1000mm wide is about right and have it as long as you like.
You only need do this if your intending to add further rows as the Railway sleepers will not sit tight down on the previous row.
The trench needs to be 600 wide and depth is dependant on the maximum height you want to achieve – say you want the maximum possible above ground level and intending it for retaining soil you need to have a minimum of 700mm below ground that will leave you a maximum of 1900mm above ground this is all based on a standard railway sleeper  2.6m. Oak railway sleepers will make sturdy gate posts and will support the weight of a large gate.
You feed it with real coal and when there is enough pressure you can run your model steam train around your track.
They were traditionally made of beech or oak, although pine is still used in countries with few or no hardwood trees. They are easy to get hold of, relatively cheap and they are immensely strong, making them perfect for retaining soil beds and planters. You can treat untreated railways sleepers yourself with a coloured stain finish or any popular fence treatment.
Remember old railway sleepers have been treated with Tar based preservatives- its impossible to successfully remove or paint over it with traditional oil based paints. Most of the railway sleepers on the second hand market today have been in use for up to a 100 years or more.
The ability to have model steam engines that are actually powered by steam is irresistible. If you want to use a decorative finish use new pine railway sleepers however they are not as strong as the original oak railway sleepers.

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