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NEW MEMBER ACCOUNT ACTIVATION E-MAIL:If you have recently registered on the forum and have not yet received a confirmation email containing your activation link, may I first suggest that you check your email SPAM folder. Structures for garden railways are just like structures for other model railroads except they must survive outdoor elements. I have to agree with everyone else - this has been one remarkably quick construction and I'm sorry that I've missed out on seeing this thread and the layout develop over the past couple(!) of weeks or so!I like the natural look of wood too and there are times when it seems a shame to cover it all up, especially with something as dreadful as roofing felt. Try RateSetter, a P2P lender offering savers rates of up to 6.1% and earn an extra ?25 as a welcome bonus! Gobsmacked!Those photos show that you made the right decision going with the felt - it looks stunning! After writing an article about the history of my railroad, the New Boston and Donnels Creek, I requested several friends to tell me their major construction technique. On another part of the railroad, I got in a hurry and merely laid the track on dirt and used the same ballast. All my track is at ground level, except for a portion that travels through a brick (raised) bed. Next big project includes digging out under a portion of my house (few basements in California) where I'll hang a six track ladder yard so when I'm relaxing in my hammock watching the trains pass, I'll be able to watch six different trains pass. Comments by contributors Bruce Jahn, Ric Golding, Greg Adams, Paul Stump, Scot Osterweil, Dick Friedman, and Mike Cote are copyright by their respective authors. Is this your final height for the brick work?You should repost these shots in the members layouts section because you have a layout now.

This is obviously going to look better when planted etc etc etcheaded in the right direction? Only asking because I ran audio and boom for a indy feature the other day, working title was Carolina blue, but now it's Mighty King of Love. Building Structures for Your Garden Railway is the first comprehensive guide to creating structures that work in an outdoor setting. I keep trying to use Metcalfe buildings and other similar cardboard structures which friends bring over from car booting, but they eventually succumb to the sun. The track's laid to a very high standard with no visible kinks and the train in the video runs along ever so smoothly. I also pushed 1x1x18" redwood strips down into the center surface of the concrete just in case I ever saw a reason to "fasten" the track.
This was to be the small oval for my wife's live steamer, but I use it the most for my track powered stuff.
All information, data, text, and illustrations on this web site are Copyright (c) 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 by Paul D. This book covers researching, planning and drawing, selecting tools and materials, and construction. It covers everything from bases to roofs including walls, windows, doors, lighting, and painting. And im guessing the weather is just about right for keeping all your buildings out.Yes, it is a fast erection.

Using the instruction of noted expert Jack Verducci, readers will be well on their way to creating the detailed garden railway they’ve imagined. But I am so busy, the window of opportunity was slight, so it was do or die.Track laying tomorrow!!! That's another story.We have a couple of friends coming over from Wales next week, so I'm working on a new project. I taught you very well Now if I can get my new line running that smooth I'll be delighted.Really can't wait to see what you come up with next.
Like most of our Family Garden Trains articles, we want to give beginners ideas that encourage them to get started. Roofing felt protects the base and resembles a track bed without the need for any additional ballasting - it's what I'll most likely be using for my new layout unless someone has a much better alternative.Having recently dismantled my original garden layout I have to agree that the building blocks do make a solid and substantial base, but one that needs a lot of work if and when the time ever comes for it to be removed. I'll be looking for something just as solid next time but I'll also have one eye on the possibility that it may at some point need dismantling or moving.It looks like we'll be seeing something moving here very soon?

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