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I'll say that the track on almost all garden railroads will need periodic attention to adjust for weather, vegetation, and the occasional pet. The one thing I'd do differently today (and have re-done in places) is to double the amount of rebar posts. Combined with this, I've lessened the frequency of how often I attach the track to the PVC. Half a lifetime of messing about in the dirtIt's a little more than twenty years since I started playing trains in the garden, long enough to forget exactly what triggered the interest.

After many listeners expressed an interest and suggested we do a whole show about choosing the right landscaping and plants. The ground can expand as it wants to, and the track will just rise and fall with the tide, so to speak. A floating track plan will allow you the flexibility to make these adjustments without major reworking.
The stuff compacts nicely when watered, and has the right look for the scale we're using. As it does this--because it's round--it tends to ride up over the ballast that surrounds it rather than push it aside.
My track is anchored to a PVC pipe run under the track, which is then anchored to 24" rebar stakes that are driven into the ground.
I intend planting vertical pieces of pvc, with 12" above ground, using pvc tees at intervals.
It's round cross section makes it prone to ballast pushing it up out of the ground between the stakes.

So-Cal = lots of sun, little rain, small wind: So I have to tweak the rails every eighteen months or so. As it happened the garage had been converted into a gym by the previous owners, so it was promptly reconverted into a large-scale railway room. It featured Mamod track and an awful lot of hand-cast cement blocks:You may be surprised to learn that it was portable, and was in fact exhibited at the Southport show sometime in the mid-nineties - but only once.
This had more sweeping curves and a larger-radius oval, and allowed the bigger variety of American loco to be deployed outside.
It was named the St Aubyn Light Railway, partly after a village in Cornwall near St Michael's Mount but mainly because I had acquired a windmill with that name on it.
This had three core components, demolition of the TLR, lining the garage walls with wood and insulation and the floor with carpet tiles, and converting the garden railway to dual gauge.

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