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Geotrax trains feature sturdy and versatile track, trains, vehicles and accessories with radio control. Toy TrainsIf your kids aren't ready for a classic electric train yet, there are still lots of safe, educational and fun toy trains available. Brio: The Swedish wooden toy firm that set the standard for wooden trains, Brio has earned a reputation for quality and safety. There is nothing more delightful than the sound of your Christmas Tree Train Set train, tooting its horn as it winds its way around your Christmas tree and presents, billowing smoke on Christmas morning.
A Christmas Tree Train Set is a must for anyone who loves to get into the festive spirit of Christmas and will take center stage of any decorations you put in place.
You will be amazed at how awe struck and captivated both children and adults alike will be, it will be the envy of all your friends. Whether you decide upon a cheaper, simple around the tree set, or a more serious Christmas themed train set such as the Polar Express, you really cant go wrong.
Christmas Train Sets For Under The Tree are without a doubt one of the coolest Christmas Decorations You can find, with many of them coming themed in the style of classic Christmas tales such as Polar Express, The Night before Christmas and A Christmas Story to name just a few.
Christmas Trains For Under The Tree come in various gauges, mainly O-gauge and G-gauge variations, depending on your budget, some come with entire villages, working smoke stack, sounds, lighting, figurines and much more.
Why not take it to the next level and build your own Christmas village in which your Christmas village train set will take pride of place. Watch the pride they get from showing off their Christmas tree train set to their friends and family. The Lionel Polar Express Train Set – G -Gauge is a wonderful entry level train that is great for kids an adults a like. The G-gauge version of this great train has larger cars and wider tracks than its more expensive O-gauge version. The Lionel Trains Polar Express Train Set – O Gauge is the creme de la creme of Christmas tree train sets. Rotating Christmas Tree Stand A Rotating Christmas Tree Stand will make your Christmas Tree look even more spectacular this festive season. Vtech InnoTab 2 Learning App Tablet The Vtech InnoTab 2 Learning App Tablet is the ideal gift for your child this Christmas. Train sets (like building sets) are among some of the best toys for kids because they can engage them for hours by allowing them to combine both physical and imaginative play. The tricky thing for parents, though, is choosing from the many train sets on the market because once you start with a set you are likely to keep adding to it.This round-up of plastic, remote control and wooden train sets can be toys for toddlers to tweens. Thomas the Tank Engine, Melissa and Doug and Brio use the same basic track system, so there are also generic wooden train sets on the market that will fit with any of them. Kids can pull out the rest of their Legos and build more than just just the tracks with these Lego train sets. This train set (Shop Amazon) comes with a remote control, but kids can also just push it along the tracks.
While Lionel is known for its model railroad sets, which often are not appropriate for little hands, this remote control set from Lionel is meant to get kids started with the joy of trains.

This basic figure 8 set  (Shop Amazon) is a great way to  start your child’s train-set adventures. Yes the blocks have the letters on them but you can buy wooden blocks that stack better and can build more things. At first I thought we would be going through batteries like I owned a battery store but it turns out the batteries last a long time and it has an auto shut down switch if you child walks away from the train.
Whistling and blowing its stack, it makes quick circuits around the track, controlled by command buttons that light up when pressed. The Learn to Dress Cube is a marvelous tool--and a fun toy--that teaches childrenall-important dressing skills. Based on the character from the book and television seriesThomas the Tank Engine, this plastic locomotive measures 9inches long. She loves to play with it as a train - she lets her stuffed animals ride it and even tries to ride it herself. Measuring 15 inches long and crafted from high-quality hard wood, the three-piece simulated brick and ivy-covered bridge can accommodate one train at a time on top, with plenty of room underneath to allow a river or another railroad line to flow through. In glorious yellow, red, and green with a silk ribbon tail, the exotic rolling Chinese Dragon is fit for royalty. Hauling coal, helping the big guys, hanging out in the train yard--this friendly fellow's goal in life is to be a really useful engine. James has a cheery, smiling face on the front of the engine, promising an adventure as soon as the train leaves the station. Still, by her smile and bright eyes, we can tell that this six-wheeled, 3.25-inch-long worker bears her burdens cheerfully. Here comes Percy the little steam engine from the ever-popular Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends book series and television's Shining Time Station (based on The Railway Series by Reverend W. The Roundhouse is built in exactly the same way as it was when part of the British Railway, solidly constructed in wood and decorated with brick decals.
Powered by imagination, these toys will provide years of enjoyment while teaching important lessons about the world around us. A Christmas train set for kids is the ideal way to get your child interested in the wonderful hobby that is Train sets. The child friendly version of these trains are very simple to put together and are child safe.
This also ensures the train stays on the tracks a lot easier, but does mean you need to allow for wider curves in the track. With a train set, a child must manipulate the toy train while spinning a  story to go with the motions. This little piece, of course, is not strictly necessary for train tracks that go in a loop, but it's always a favorite for the kid who like train wrecks.
This set includes a rail station, mountain with tunnel, working crane, remote control, classic steam engine, caboose, figure, block of wood, 15 pieces track and a bonus DVD, Steamer & Samuel Save the Day. The 31-piece Imaginarium Figure 8 Train Set includes 14 pieces of track, 4 trains with strong magnetic couplings, 3 buildings, 2 trees and a bridge.

The bell barely dings - actaully it works better when my toddler rolls it on our tile floor - not wood tracks. That, combined with his affection for rock & roll, has potential to get him into trouble. This 3-inch sturdy wood engine and the accompanying 2-inch cargo car will surely get the job done every time. With a plethora of add-on track and accessory options, most of these toys can do anything an electric train can in kid-friendly form.Wooden TrainsMost of the popular-sized wooden trains are advertised for children ages 18 months and up.
What sets Thomas apart from all others is that the trains each have distinct (and sometimes annoying) personalities. This 49-piece set (Shop Amazon) includes steam engine, tender, gondola and caboose; track layout with bridges, railroad crossing and freight station, plus working switches and accessories. Building elaborate track designs with these toys is both a great educational tool and preparation for more sophisticated toys and electric trains in coming years. Unlike the wooden train sets or scale model trains, most of these toys run on proprietary track systems. The are the equivalent to dollhouses, except with wheels.This basic figure-8 set (Shop Amazon is a good starting point for the uninitiated. Ages 2 ? and upAnd for kids 5 to 12 Lionel has more train sets like this Wizard of Oz themed one (Shop Amazon). Although this limits you to one manufacturer, most have extensive product lines that still push a child's imagination.
Geotrax: Made by Fisher Price, feature radio-controlled and non-powered trains and other vehicles along with track and accessory sets that create action-packed worlds centered on transportation. In addition to prepackaged sets, numerous free-lance plans and designs are available online. Rokenbok: Rokenbok toys look less like traditional train toys, but perform many of the same educational functions.
Depending on your child, and especially your willingness to work with him or her, you may be ready to start much younger. Former Guide Randall Roberts offers his opinions and recommends considering the cost and size of the trains as the top priorities. Large and rugged, suitable for ages 3 and up, an excellent choice for a first electric train. Lionel: Many model train manufacturers offer product lines suitable for children ages 8 and up.
Bachmann: With more than a century of experience, Bachmann has long been a major player in the HO and N scale train set market.

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