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Complete new classic LGB German Starter Set + Bonus extra figure set, extra track, 16 G scale tree set and 2 sets of LGB power lighting connectors powering 2 Massoth 8121001 100mm 2lite 5V regulated boards each upgraded with 2 high output warm white LEDs for ultimate coach lighting.
This set provides a real working Classic LGB Steitz Steam Locomotive with two LED warm white lighted passenger cars plus extra brass track to make an oval, an extra seated passenger figure set and 16 snow covered trees.
All lighting is voltage regulated for full lighting at even slow train speeds using the included DC power pack or full lighting at all times, even when the loco is stopped by using MTS or DCC power (available at our store). The installed LED Lighting is 5 times brighter than original LGB 5 volts bulbs and uses less power so you can run with any power source. An original LGB power pack and track clips are provided to set up and run your train in minutes - no experience needed.

Have fun placing the 16 snow covered trees and 8 included LGB figures around the track to create a working G scale layout. 8 each LGB round power connectors and wiring for powering from the loco's rear power plugs and powering additional cars or accessories on following cars.
This classic LGB set is no longer available from dealers and is hard to find and rare in this condition. The set includes an easy to use power pack and track power clips, LGB smoke fluid, and 4 standing figures. The LEDs will last over 50 years in continuous use so they easily provide a life time of without maintenance.

Each Massoth lighting board is wired to red an black male LGB power plugs on the front side and red and black female LGB power plugs on the read sides of each car.

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