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The rich heritage of Lionel Trains comes to vivid life for the very first time through stunning, computer-generated animation and a thrilling, heartwarming tale for the whole family.
Popular toy train video producer Tom McComas has created a poignant mix of heartwarming stories, great toy train action, and beautiful Christmas music that will make your heart soar, train buff or not. DVD 1: Christmas morning memories from back when the Dodgers were still in Brooklyn are captured by incredible displays at the Gaylord Hotel in Dallas, the Woody Hickman home where trains and decorations fill every room, the under-the-tree layout of Ed Sciortino (where the Polar Express is featured), and the multi-level layout where Rich DeMondo combines Dept. We take you on a behind-the-scenes look at Lionel on the Today Show, the tree at Rockefeller Center, and the first-ever Lionel retail store, just across the street from the Radio City Music Hall. DVD 1: Easy-to-follow, helpful guide to keeping your Lionel trains and accessories in top working condition. DVD 2: Three Lionel films from the 50s, Wonderful World of Trains, Railroad Story, and Cavalcade of Trains. DVD 3: Introducing Lionel Legends-all-new footage of the scale Dreyfuss, Hiawatha, Rail Chief, Shay, scale Turbine, scale switchers, the Commodore Vanderbilt, Western Pacific T-3, and the Century Club Berkshire. Toy Train Accessories, Part 1: Features Lionel coal and lumber accessories, bridges and cranes. Toy Train Accessories, Part 2: The irresistible appeal of toy train accessories pass seamlessly from one generation to the next. Lionel OO & HO in Action, Part 3: Lionel is known mostly for the O and Standard gauge trains.
The Magic of Lionel, Part 1: Toys come and go but Lionel trains have endured almost 100 years. The New Lionel Showroom Layout - An impressive 16x40-foot layout featuring the newest in Lionel trains and accessories. Lionel Nation Part 1: Tour elaborate Prewar, Postwar, and Modern Era layouts as well as the collection and layout of Tom Sefton at the California State Railroad Museum. Hear 75 years of Lionel sounds, from the Chugger in 1933 to the latest from rock legend Neil Young’s RailSounds. Bill Spaulding of Seattle loves the Northern Pacific so much he custom-painted Lionel Postwar originals in authentic NP colors. Norm Charbonneau, the creator of the spectacular Legacy-controlled layout featured in Lionel Nation Part 2, is back with more weathering tips. A great mix of Lionel action that will appeal to all Lionel enthusiasts, no matter their area of interest.
Tracks Ahead - Great Model Train Layouts (2006) Features 12 train layouts from the popular PBS Television Series Tracks Ahead along with profiles of Ted Benson’s photographs and steam railway promoter Doyle McCormack.
Great Lionel Layouts Parts 1 & 2 (2004) Both Great Lionel Layouts videos are now together in one DVD. Great Toy Train Layouts (2004) Great Toy Train Layouts of America contains heart-warming stories of spectacular layouts and the men who built them.
Lionel Showroom Layouts (2004) Two hours of exciting Lionel Showroom action – the 1949 showroom layout in Manhattan and the Lionel Visitors Center layout in Michigan. Toy Train Christmas Memories (2004) A new Christmas video in the tradition of A Lionel Christmas and Toy Trains & Christmas.

We talk to hobby store owners who remember when hobby stores featuring Lionel trains were a must-stop for just about every family in the neighborhood.
We visit the Christmas train displays at Macy’s, Grand Central Terminal, and FAO Schwarz.
Making Postwar Lionel trains and accessories run like they did when they come out of their boxes 50-60 years ago is fun.
We show all-new footage of each accessory in action along with rare variations, original boxes and tips on operating. The wide-eyed fascination of an eight-year-old today watching a culvert being unloaded is just as wide-eyed as it was back in 1957 when and Lionel introduced its 345 Culvert Unloader. Visit the Lionel holiday layouts at Macy’s, FAO Schwarz, Grand Central Terminal, and see the new Lionel Showroom in Manhattan. Also featured is a magnificent scale-detailed Postwar layout highlighting the Northern Pacific, along with tips on weathering and how to add scale details to a locomotive.
1 (2008) A McComas, Stachler Production Rating: NR (Not Rated) Hop on board for a fast-paced, action-packed journey to the world of Lionel.
T W Design created the Lionel Christmas displays at FAO Schwarz, Macy’s, and Grand Central Terminal. 4 (2009) A McComas, Stachler Production Rating: NR (Not Rated) We visit the Pacific Northwest to see the amazing collection and layout of David Dansky, who operates and collects all makes of Prewar and Postwar trains.
Included are visits to the Wisconsin’s Whiskey River Railway, Washington Union Station, Terminal Railroad of St. This DVD includes a vast mix of Lionel layout styles from classic tinplate with the colorful operating accessories to the realistic hi-rail with scratch-built structures and ballasted track.
Includes The Making of the Scale Hudson, which follows the entire process of creating this scale model masterpiece, and The Hudson, which looks at all of the high-end models of the 4-6-4 Hudson Lionel has made over the past 67 years. Years later, teenage twins Nancy and Bobby Pullmor seek to uncover what happened that night, embarking on a perilous journey to an enchanted world where Lionel’s spectacular displays have literally come to life. Part 2 highlights the Lionel Culvert Loader and Unloader, the Lionel Newsstand, Water Towers, Dispatching board, Transfer Table with extension, Barrel Loader, Ice Depot, Diesel Fueling Station, Oil Derrick, signal towers, light towers, stations, trackside accessories and more. Overlooked by collectors for years, these two gauges are beginning to gain the recognition they deserve.
For the answer, Tom McComas visited a number of Lionel layouts and talked with the builders. The mix make for a delightful panorama of America as it was when Norman Rockwell was painting covers for the Saturday Evening Post. Lou has a huge layout and loves to talk about the magic of Lionel (or anything else for that matter). Also featured is the history of Lionel sounds from the 1930’s Chugger to the incredible RailSounds of today. We visit a toy train auction and take a look at the Postwar originals which inspired Lionel’s first Conventional Classics issue. See Prewar, Postwar, and Modern Era layouts built by nationally recognized designers and collectors like Clarke Dunham and Chuck Brasher plus the California State Railroad Museum’s exhibit of the Thomas Sefton train collection.

We show how new scale Lionel models of legendary locomotives, like the Hiawatha and GG1, compare with Lionel’s original toy versions.
T W’s latest is an incredible 36-trains-in-action display Lionel takes to train shows.
Five layout stories are featured along with hi-lights from Tom McComas’ appearance on The Late Show with Tom Snyder. Only the DVD version of this video includes the newest models made since 2001, including the scale J3a, Standard Gauge Hiawatha, and 20th Century Limited Dreyfuss. This DVD has over 20 minutes of additional footage and interviews than are on the VHS version. It’s full steam to adventure in this first-ever animated feature to capture the magic of the American legend that is Lionel Trains. We show them in action, discuss the variations, and provide tips on installing and operation - even show some original boxes. For the answers, Tom McComas, America’s most popular and respected producer of toy train videos, takes you on an action-packed tour of six Lionel layouts and captures the spirit of toys passed from one generation to the next. We give you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how this incredible layout was designed and made. Most of the stories were inspired from the book Great Toy Train Layouts of America, first published in 1987 by Tom McComas and James Tuohy. Meticulously recreated by a train club in Jackson, MISS, this DVD brings to life all those scenes you remember so well – just like you were at Toy Fair, New York City, 1949. Also included are some of the vintage Lionel ads for the Hudson originally seen in Model Builder magazine between 1937 and 1945.
Fortunately, they were preserved on film over the past nine years when everything was up and running – trains, lead soldiers, pedal cars, toys, antique automobiles, railroad and automotive art, and, of course, the magnificent toy train layouts.
Weather you collect or operate or just want to bring back some pleasant memories - you will enjoy this video.
Like so many families across the country, toy trains is a family activity Tom shares with his wife and four daughters. And under the tree, gliding around an oval of three-rail track, was a Lionel train puffing smoke. Welcome aboard our action-packed video tribute to toy train accessories - the most clever and fun toys ever made. Also, a behind-the-scenes peek at a toy train auction and a look at the engines and cars that inspired Lionel’s new Conventional Classics. We take a look at the Postwar and Modern eras, including FM C-liners, 0864-series boxcars, the Southern Pacific Daylight and the RailScope FA-2. Chuck has loved trains ever since he can remember, and his story is one of putting rivets in those dreams.

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