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Greyhound rec'd lots of MC-12s since they were in production from 1992-97 (or 98, I think).
By the way, are they planning to retrofit more MC12s(the ones that have the 6V92 engines)with newer engines? I have ridden Greyhound once on a longer ride, from NYC-Niagara Falls, ON (with a transfer to a Trentway-Wagar bus). I read the schedule, it is basically under contract to the state (and not the only route subsidized by PennDOT that Greyhound runs). Ok, having found the schedule that you didn't link to in this post but linked to in other post, and then trying a bunch of links and them not working, and then trying the older schedules, I finally see that your "however" is referring to the fact that Greyhound serves Scranton-Philly and not Scranton-NYC.
Here's some shots of an MC-12 completely redesigned by Funkmaster Flex as part of a nationwide Greyhound promotional tour. Greyhound Lines serves Scranton on three routes: New York to Buffalo, Philadelphia to Scranton (local), and Washington to Syracuse. Greyhound Lines has cut back once again on thru-routed buses, and there are no longer any transcontinental bus routes.
By the way, before all the service cuts took place, what was the longest Greyhound rout in the U.S.? Greyhound did purchase 96A and 96C series models during the MC12's last years of production. So far the longest route that I've been able to find without having to change buses is Denver to Seattle, 1615 miles and Dallas to Los Angeles at 1488.

One of the members of the Greyhound Yahoo group, who posts here too, came up with an even longer run. Which does allow for NY-LA via one tranfer (although this is only for someone who is super-desperate). While I still don’t know which route to take to get to California, I had to make a decision of how to get there.
The other day, I saw a Greyhound D-series coach(don't know what kind is it)that was painted entirely blue. However the condition of most Mc12s, especially the older and unrehabbed units, leave much to be desired. The new livery on the MC12 looks nice, although I really hope they don't repaint the blue buses at all. The G4500 is a line service bus built for Greyhound by MCI,while the E and J is produced for anyone who wants it.
Since part of my mission is not to use flights to advance my route it was clear that I’d go by car, bus or train. Do they run on specific routes or do they run on any route along with the D-series coaches? After comparing prices for a bit I found the Greyhound Discovery Pass the cheapest and most convenient solution. The units that are rehabbed are given Greyhound's latest scheme as well as new seats, which I found to be pieces of shit and very uncomfortable, but at least they look better.

There is the rainbow-shaped Rutgers looking scheme found on the later DL3s, D4500s, and G4500s.
In a few days I will be going to Chicago and from there to Knoxville, Tennessee again (yes, I know!).
For the price of $560 I can hop on any Greyhound bus in the United States or Canada for the next two months. I recently graduated and since then I'm on my mission to backpack overland from Canada to Tierra del Fuego in a year or two. And there is the new hideous "GREYHOUND" scheme which are applied on buses recieving the rehab treatment which includes new seats.
Why didn't you look up Greyhound's schedule first before immediately implying that I was incorrect? This is an unusual schedule, does not fit into the pattern of any other trips, and may not last much longer.

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