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We had to travel to the Greyhound Bus Station in New Haven CT to pick up a friend from Oklahoma. Then Turn RIGHT (South) and follow it till it deadends and then make a LEFT which is Union Street. Took the Greyhound bus a few times from Boston to New Haven.Also from New York to New Haven.
Train and bus service is available from Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and other cities to Union Station in New Haven. To date we have pretty much covered the CNE from Hartford to Maybrook except for some short branches. You can find more information about the bridge and the celebration at the Walkway web site. The turnaround point for the trip was the home base of the currently operating incarnation of the CNE. The Central New England Railway (CNE) and later the New Haven Railroad, ran through Hopewell Junction, New York.

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They also tend to love their work-life balance – to the point where they’d take a pay cut to maintain the status quo. Why not a “SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT CONTROL TOWER" in order to monitor and assure your supply? After you pass Yale University make a right at that large intersection(Ella T Grasso Blvd), and follow it to Columbus St.
Take the first left at the light onto Canner Street and go to the top of the hill to Prospect Street.

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