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By PlaneJFK Airport (in Queens) and Newark Liberty International Airport (in neighboring New Jersey) receive both U.S. By TrainPenn Station in Midtown Manhattan is the hub for Amtrak trains in the Northeastern Corridor of the United States. By BusGreyhound is a major operator of intercity buses with an extensive network of routes across the United States.
As the post explains, this was a signal seen by astronomer Jerry Ehman, coming from Sagittarius in 1977, but never replicated. While checking the bus schedule for Greyhound, I recently discovered that travel from New York City to Boston is a multi-day affair, involving stops in Rochester, Toronto (yes, Canada), Fort Erie, Syracuse, and even Schenectady and Worcester (presumably because they’re both fun to say).
As I continue the purge of images, movies, and articles that I’ve set aside, two beautiful works of motion graphics. As much as I love looking at this work (and his earlier portraits, more can be found on his site), there’s also something peculiar about the beauty of the images perhaps neutering their original point. Looking at it another way, next time you reach for a plastic cup, will Jordan’s image that will come to mind?
I’ve also just purchased his “Running the Numbers” book, since these web images are an injustice to the work. I wanted to post this last week in my excitement over week 1 of pro football season (that’s the 300 lbs. The ad is a phone conversation with Coca-Cola’s Katie Bayne, animated by Imaginary Forces. How important is it that you get the right information rather than just a lot of information?
So it takes me a year or two to post the “You Are What You Say” lecture by Dan Frankowski, and the day after, a much more up-to-date paper is in the news.
At the time GIC released the data, William Weld, then Governor of Massachusetts, assured the public that GIC had protected patient privacy by deleting identifiers. Just posted an essay about the work of artist Mark Lombardi that I presented at Experimenta Design in Lisbon last week. The goal of the workshop is to bring together, for the first time, researchers developing and using visualization systems across all areas of biology, including genomics, sequence analysis, macromolecular structures, systems biology, and imaging (including microscopy and magnetic resonance imaging).
Notifications of acceptance will be sent within three weeks after the close of submissions. We plan to award a prize for the submitted image that best conveys a strong scientific message in a visually compelling manner. At any rate, whether there is in fact correlation, causation, or simply a conspiracy theory that gives far too much credit to the number of people who would have to be involved, I think it’s an interesting look at 1) message control 2) using the press (or a clear example of the possibilities) 3) the power of assembling information like this to produce such a timeline, and 4) actual reporting (as opposed to tennis match commentary) done by a 24-hour news channel. Of course, I was disappointed that it wasn’t an actual visual timeline, though somebody has probably done that as well.
Interestingly, the ratings themselves weren’t as informative as the actual choice of movies to talk about. The other interesting bit from the talk is about 20 minutes through, where starts to address ways to defeat such methods.
We often think of scientific ideas, such as Darwin’s theory of evolution, as fixed notions that are accepted as finished. The idea that we can actually see change over time in a person’s thinking is fascinating.

Oddly enough, I first became interested in this because of a discussion with a friend a few years ago, who had begun to wonder whether Darwin had stolen most of his better ideas from Alfred Russel Wallace, but gained the notoriety and credit because of his social status. The New York Times today looks upon the plight of poor AT&T, saddled with millions of new customers paying thousands of dollars a year. The result is dropped calls, spotty service, delayed text and voice messages and glacial download speeds as AT&T’s cellular network strains to meet the demand. With nine million users paying in excess of $100 a month apiece, they’re grossing a billion dollars a month, and they’re complaining about having to upgrade their network? If they’re gonna make it look like an orchestra pit, then I hope the head of IT is wearing tails. The text was published by O’Reilly in December 2007 and can be found at Amazon and elsewhere. All work on this site is under copyright and may not be copied or reproduced without permission. Amtrak trains arrive at Penn Station from as far as Florida in the south, Chicago in the west, and as far north as Toronto and Montreal in Canada. Greyhound use Penn Station and the Port Authority Bus Terminal (PABT), both in Midtown Manhattan, as the bus terminals in New York City.
I’m linking a sinfully small version here, but check out the higher resolution version on the TED site. Does seeing the number of prison uniforms spur viewers to action, or does it give chin-rubbing intellectual fulfillment accompanied by a deep sigh of worldliness? A couple things I like about this… First, that the attitude is so much less heavy-handed than, say, the IBM spots that seem to be based on the premise that if they jump cut quickly enough, they can cure cancer. The paper is by Paul Ohm and is available here, or you can read an Ars Technica article about it if you’d prefer the (geeky) executive summary. In response, then-graduate student Sweeney started hunting for the Governor’s hospital records in the GIC data. We have assembled an authoritative list of 29 invited speakers who will present an exciting program, reviewing the state-of-the-art and perspectives in each of these areas.
In the case of a site for movie buffs — ahem, film aficionados — I couldn’t help but think about participants in discussions using obscure film references as colored tail feathers as they try to out-strut one another. In fact, Darwin’s On the Origin of Species evolved over the course of several editions he wrote, edited, and updated during his lifetime. Darwin scholars are of course familiar with this story, but here we can view it directly, both on a macro-level as it animates, or word-by-word as we examine pieces of the text more closely. It covers the path from raw data to how we understand it, detailing how to begin with a set of numbers and produce images or software that lets you view and interact with information. Amazon also has an edition for the Kindle, for people who aren’t into the dead tree thing. The New Jersey Transit and Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH) commuter trains also arrive at Penn Station from neighboring stations in New Jersey.
Regional buses using PABT as their terminals include Peter Pan Bus Lines and the New Jersey Transit. She knew that Governor Weld resided in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a city of 54,000 residents and seven ZIP codes. The primary focus will be on visualizing processed and annotated data in their biological context, rather than on processing of raw data.

Since places are limited, participants will be selected based on the relevance of their work to the goals of the workshop. Of course this has significant impact on such a method, making the point that individual uniqueness is only a signature for identification: what makes you different just makes you more visible to a data mining algorithm. The first English edition was approximately 150,000 words and the sixth is a much larger 190,000 words. This simpler piece was developed for Emily King’s “Quick Quick Slow” exhibition opening next week at Experimenta Design in Portugal. Interestingly (and happily, I suppose), the process of working on this piece has instead shown the opposite, and I have far greater appreciation for Darwin’s ideas than I had in the past. Unlike nearly all books in this field, it is a hands-on guide intended for people who want to learn how to actually build a data visualization. The next chapter is an extremely brief introduction to Processing, which is used for the examples.
From PABT, travelers can take the nearby subway train or cab to Brooklyn.Low-cost bus companies MegaBus and BoltBus serve several regional routes in the United States and end their journey in New York City at stops nearby Penn Station. Someone I asked about this had a different reaction, and cited a group that had actually begun to act based on what they saw in his work. For twenty dollars, she purchased the complete voter rolls from the city of Cambridge, a database containing, among other things, the name, address, ZIP code, birth date, and sex of every voter. These platitudes and more coming next March, when I’ll be giving a keynote at the EMBO Workshop on Visualizing Biological Data in Heidelberg. In the changes are refinements and shifts in ideas — whether increasing the weight of a statement, adding details, or even a change in the idea itself. As is often the case, many months were spent to try to create something monolithic, then in a very short time, an offshoot of all that work is developed that makes use of that infrastructure. Not only do iPhone owners download applications, stream music and videos and browse the Web at higher rates than the average smartphone user, but the average iPhone owner can also use 10 times the network capacity used by the average smartphone user.
Next is (chapter 3) is a simple mapping project to place data points on a map of the United States.
Ground transport from the airports to Brooklyn include shuttle buses, cabs, and private cars. Other regional low-cost buses are the Chinatown buses, which end their journey in New York City at several bus stops in Manhattan's Chinatown.
Of course, the idea is not that lots of people want to visualize data for each of 50 states.
Among the three airports, Newark Airport is less convenient because of the longer distance and you would have to pass through Manhattan before reaching Brooklyn. Only six people in Cambridge shared his birth date, only three of them men, and of them, only he lived in his ZIP code.
Being located in neighboring Queens, JFK Airport and LaGuardia are shorter distances to Brooklyn.
Sweeney sent the Governor’s health records (which included diagnoses and prescriptions) to his office.

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