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This is how your name and profile photo will appear on Panoramio if you connect this Google+ account. PhotosArtist's rendering of the the Greyhound bus terminal corner of Johnson street and Houston street. The Jacksonville Transportation Authority will begin construction this summer of a new bus terminal for Greyhound, clearing the way for Greyhound to move from its current site in the downtown core. JTA expects the new $6 million terminal, located a few blocks from the Prime Osborn Convention Center, will be finished in 2014. JTA will own the new bus terminal building, which will be constructed on land already owned by the authority.
JTA would be able to get grants from that program to build the new terminal because Greyhound agreed to sign a 40-year lease for space in it.

The idea of relocating the Greyhound station picked up momentum in 2011 when EverBank officials said moving the bus station was a factor in their decision to relocate about 1,500 employees into downtown. After vacating the current Greyhound station, the company intends to put it up for sale, said Greyhound spokesman Timothy Stokes. The target date for ground-breaking is August, JTA chief executive Nathaniel Ford told board members. Once again we see our Mayor has set the tone of spend, spend and spend on a corrupted downtown vision. The station closed in 2007 when Greyhound moved its buses to the expanded METS station at 6th and Vine. Includes photos of exteriors, interiors, sculptures, monuments, civil engineering and more, plus historical background, quotes, research, archival video, etc.

City officials have been discussing relocation of the Greyhound terminal for 15 years as part of downtown revitalization plans. Department of Transportation program that sets aside money for Greyhound to spend on its stations and buses. He said JTA is open to leasing space to other companies that offer city-to-city service such as Megabus.
I'd like for JTA to rent me a house for $1916 a year (not a month) that cost them $250,000 to build.

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