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Ambrose, along with other Greyhound customers, discovered the company charges an $18 gift ticket order surcharge as an anti-fraud measure. A friend told Ambrose about the website, a for-profit corporation that offers among other business services a civil reform-oriented social networking platform for people to start online petitions. Ambrose decided to start a petition himself, calling on Greyhound to eliminate the $18 fee. On Monday Greyhound sent a statement to BUSRide, stressing the charge not only counteracts fees incurred by the company for credit card fraud, but also serves as a handling fee for providing the ticket to the recipient at will call.
Ambrose contends that while he was able to avoid the fee, others who may be facing financial hardship may have to pay the fee or not travel by bus at all. If you are traveling and have no intent to return to your departure city then buying one way Greyhound bus tickets is the best option for you. No large premiums: One way Greyhound bus fares provide you flexibility with your return plans and you are not penalized unlike you would be with the airlines for just traveling one way. Inconvenience in getting last minute tickets: You may have to wait to book the ticket for your return journey if you buy one way Greyhound bus tickets while traveling from your home. The transportation system in the United States is quite different from that in most other countries. If you need to travel to other cities in the United States during your stay, there are several ways for you to get there. The Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is the city's main gateway to the country and world. Fellow Vikining Keilah Allen is swapping out a semester at Cleveland State University to studying abroad in Ghana! Shawn Ambrose, an assistant professor of business at Fort Wayne, Indiana’s University of Saint Francis, went online to purchase a Greyhound bus gift ticket for his daughter Geri to use to come home to Fort Wayne for the holidays.
Shawn Ambrose started the petition to call on Greyhound to eliminate an $18 gift ticket fee. The surcharge is added to the ticket price for web and phone purchases when an individual purchases a ticket for someone other than the credit card holder.
Earlier this year Ambrose had signed a petition calling for Bank of America to eliminate a $5 charge for use of debit cards that was to go into effect in January. We receive a high number of bank chargebacks related to credit card transactions where the person for whom the ticket was purchased doesn’t end up traveling. 27 article in the Toronto Star newspaper where some Canadian residents have complained about the fee.
The statement goes on to say that the charge is both a way to keep the company safe, as well as the 17.6 million passengers Greyhound transports throughout North America annually.
Content on this web site is copyrighted and may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the express written consent of the publisher. Typically, one way Greyhound bus ticket prices are half the cost of an equivalent round trip fare.

You may however call to be picked up as taxies do not cruise town like in many other big cities.
Call (216) 781-0520(216) 781-0520 or 1 (800) 229-94241 (800) 229-9424 for schedules, fare information and even to book your ticket.
The routes serve nearly 50 cities from five hugs at New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Chicago and Toronto. Several flights by many different airline companies, leave daily for every major city in the United States. These charge-back costs from the card issuers are high, and can be associated with fraudulent activity (i.e.
Greyhound recommends that people purchasing the ticket do so at a terminal or agency and mail it directly to the recipient. Though print-at-home one way tickets make your journey comfortable but you must have valid photo ID with you while boarding the bus.
A very good company that operates throughout the Greater Cleveland area is the Ace Taxi Services, which can be reached at (216) 361-4700(216) 361-4700.
The New York to Ontario, Canada transit service gained its name from the first two letters of the main cities involved in the service’s routes. Greyhound bus ticket prices also fluctuate seasonally and around holidays much like airline fares. The RTA E-Line, which follows Euclid Avenue, and B-Line, which follows Superior Avenue, trolleys are free to ride and connect Cleveland State to Public Square and the Superior residential areas.
A number of other taxi companies are available in the Cleveland area and can be found on-line. One of the easiest ways to pick up the Amtrak train is to visit the station on East 9th street by the Rock 'n Roll Museum and Cleveland Browns Statidum.
Flights and other travel information are available through any travel agency and multiple on-line fare finders. The first time the buses rolled out on this cooperative effort between Greyhound New York services of America and Greyhound Canada and Trailways of New York was May 29, 2008. To save the Greyhound fee Ambrose had his daughter buy the ticket with her debit card, and he reimbursed her later. If you buy the tickets for Greyhound buses well in advance they can be considerably cheaper as compared to purchasing the day of travel. The RTA bus stations are located at various places on the campus and therefore make it a more preferable way to travel to and from school for students. Their physical corporate headquarters are based in Dallas, Texas, although no routes with NeOn travel there.Current RoutesRoutes offered currently cover a dozen different locations in the Northeast USA. These advance purchase discounts are usually advertised by Greyhound for encouraging people to buy them at least two weeks before their desired travel dates. Albany, Binghamton, Buffalo, and the Buffalo Airport, New York, New York Penn Station, Plattsburgh, Rochester, Syracuse, and Utica are in the covered area on the USA side.

It is important to note that we do not add this charge if the credit card holder is also traveling.
Sometimes, even if you buy the tickets one week in advance you can avail smaller discounts on one way tickets. Convenience: While traveling through major cities one way Greyhound tickets make your traveling more convenient as you can get buses for various other routes from there.
Toronto to New York, through Greyhound New York Station is good for business professionals and tourists visiting from other countries, but who want to see both of the sights in New England and Canada. Several of these routes are nonstop, and some are very low-cost, as low as a single dollar. In select popular markets, passengers have the option to use the Print at Home ticketing service which allows you to bypass the lines and proceed directly to the gate by printing your one-way or round trip ticket before you arrive at the terminal. Paying in advance usually results in the passenger paying a much lower fee for his or her ticket. Return tickets to the original boarding location must be purchased in advance for children, also. Citizens of countries other than Canada and the USA may be required to pay $10 for immigration fees. Tickets must be used only on the date they have listed on them.Luggage may not contain any item that may be smelly, dangerous, explosive, or corrosive. All of a passenger’s belongings must be a suitcase or duffel bag, with no protruding items, and may not contain laptops. Medications and money must also be carried on the bus with the passenger, and may not be placed in luggage stored underneath the bus.AmenitiesMost buses have WiFi connectivity that passengers can hook up to while traveling. Other devices that require electricity for charging may be plugged into the outlets available at every seat.
Each seat now has more legroom than in times past, and allows passengers to more fully relax during transit from one city to the next. The bathroom facilities are still standard features of the service’s fleet, as are individual lighting features at each seat. Passengers can listen to music, work and socialize on their laptops, and read a book under adequate lighting. Teens aged 16 to 18 on an adult supervised outing for their school, religious or cultural club, or athletic team may present a copy of their birth certificate instead.New York to Montreal and New York to Toronto, and their return routes, require passengers go through immigration. Inspection of luggage may occur at that time, and examination of documentation of citizenship of each passenger may take some time.

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