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Click on link to view picture [B1] Belvidere Junction,NJ Greyhound Post House on US Route 46.
54A in front of Red Snapper Inn, Syracuse, NY [B174] Log Cabin Greyhound Depot at Saginaw, MI. Buses in picture, top - Great Eastern White, bottom right-Eastern Greyhound Lines 1932 Yellow Coach 670, and left looks like a Martz's Reo.

Motor Coach terminal, 33rd to 34th streets, NYC, showing a head view of 1929 Yellow Coach model Y of PRT, Penn, Rapid Transit, fore runner to Penn.
I have been told that this was a promotional shot and was also done with fire trucks and other types of vehicles. I was 12 years old then, and now have over 5000 Greyhound and predecessor companies photos, including pooling carriers, and about 200 post cards, dating from mid 1920's.

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