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Mechanical engineers play a dominant role in the broad Transportation industry, which spans the basics of footwear for ground-based walking and running to the incredibly complex systems required for flight within and outside Earth’s atmosphere. Samuel Bogan Daniels received a BS and MS in Aerospace Engineering in 1984 and 1990, respectively, from Boston University. Sean Vintinner graduated from Boston University with a BS in Mechanical Engineering in 2003.
Edward Walton graduated from Boston University in 2008 with a degree in Aerospace Engineering.
Whether you take AirTrain, drive yourself, rent a car, or ride with one of the numerous car and van services, Newark Liberty is conveniently located on the New Jersey Turnpike (Interstate 95). Located in the heart of the Hudson Valley in Orange County, New York, Stewart International is just 60 miles north of New York City.
Leprechaun Bus Lines provides passengers a hassle-free and inexpensive alternative mode of transportation over the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge and provides connections between Metro-North's Train station in Beacon, the NYSDOT's Park & Ride Lot (on RT 17K) and Stewart International Airport.
Located just four miles from Manhattan, LaGuardia has a variety of transportation options to New York Citya€™s five boroughs and beyond.
Specialized areas include such concerns as safety, fuel efficiency, societal impact, and logistical planning, all of which require a fundamental background in Mechanical Engineering. The highlights of his BU experience include “great teachers who cared” and Boston University Hockey.
Highlights of his BU experience include his position as ASME president, racing road bicycles, bicycling across the country with Bike and Build, and his capstone project in Aerospace Engineering. Highlights of his experience at BU include the Freshman Crew Team, the Dresden study abroad program, and the Rocket team.

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AirTrain Newark provides speedy access to New Jersey Transit trains into Newark, New York City and points south via Amtraka€™s national rail network. Stewart has a variety of transportation options to the four East Coast states it serves a€“ New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Public buses are available for easy connections to New York City subways and other regional rail lines. Since then he has worked with UTC RocketDyne (rocket motor design), Allied Signal – Textron Lycoming (gas turbine design systems), and the University of New Haven as an Associate Professor. He is currently the lead Mechanical Engineer at an electronics company that produces various electronic components for military and commercial aircrafts and spacecrafts.
Highlights of his experience at BU include being an EK 100 Student Advisor, hanging out in the old MFG CAE lab, and MFG Department Holiday Parties. This last position is one he currently holds, teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in Mechanical Engineering.
He is also a Master of Engineering Management degree candidate at Duke University, class of 2012. If you prefer to take your own car, LaGuardia is located on the Grand Central Parkway and offers a number of parking options.
His most memorable experiences at BU include working with “excellent faculty and supportive staff,” in “great facilities,” and with the “exciting city” feel of campus. He works on everything from technical engineering analysis to high-level brand strategy and business development.

As an Engineer for GS, he is involved in preliminary compressor and turbine design, thermodynamic cycle design, turbine blade mechanical design, stress analysis, and heat transfer modeling. He is currently employed within the Operations Leadership Development Program at BAE Systems, which is a three-year rotation program with BAE Systems.
He emphasizes that the focus on fluid dynamics provided good education for future experiences and schooling.
At IDEO he has “worked on injection systems for diabetics, cardiac rehabilitation for the American Heart Association, advanced automotive seating, and even high-end men’s grooming service experiences”. He is currently a Design and Applications Engineer for GE Aviation where he designs plain bearings for aircraft engine applications and RBC Transport Dynamics. His responsibilities include consulting and working with various companies to test and evaluate strategic development, to arrange ultra-endurance UAV design, to aerodynamically analyze transonic weapons, to be in charge of UAV operations and training, to aerodynamically analyze transonic missiles in freefall, and to run test piloting and UAV operations. He would like to stress the importance of the CDO to all undergrads and to stress the importance of getting industry experience as early as possible. He is the author of six books in publication: Centurion, Aegypt, The Second Mission, The End of Horror, The Fox’s Honor, and A Season of Honor. He is also on contract from his publisher for two other novels: Sister of Light and Sister of Darkness.

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