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One of the first steps in building a guitar is to build a mold, which the guitar will be built in. Once I had the plans, which are life size, I used an exacto knife to cut out the shape of the guitar from the paper plans. I was able to get all of this work done in one evening, and I am really happy with how it turned out. Ok, back in the shop, I trace half of the guitar shape onto a piece of MDF using my awesomely perfect Lexan template. With the plywood attached to my drill press table, and the drum sander set up so that it was slightly recessed into the table, I spent about a half hour sanding precisely to the line. Next I need to make eleven more that look exactly like this one, six for the left side, six for the right.
The Chicken Wing is a basic solid body electric guitar in the Fender style, but with a decidedly poultry-tudenous design. Consider the guitar building plan as your guide or road map, steering you though Choose from an electric guitar, acoustic guitar, or a classical guitar.
Acoustic guitar building, electric guitar making, archtop guitar building, violin making forum for the discussion of musical instrument construction, design and. Building an Acoustic Steel-String Guitar The following illustrates the approach I use to build I've also been using rosette designs that are inspired by native. My hope is that this collection of free guitar plans, guitar building Guitar building links. Jay crafts each Lichty guitar and ukulele from start to finish in his small luthier shop in the foothills of the Western NC mountains.

I’ve settled on trying to build one out of layers of MDF, mostly because I can imagine building this with the tools I have. I picked up a piece of Lexan, which is sort of like plexiglass, but was a bit more flexible and thinner, at Home Depot. I have to say, after the trouble I had rough cutting the Lexan, I was fairly nervous about running the Lexan through the band saw. What I found was that it looked great, but when I flipped it over and retraced, there was error, which I expected.
I used this as an opportunity to begin cutting up the 4×8 MDF I bought for the guitar mold.
For that I will be using this piece as the template and using a router, a tool I’ve never used, to shape the others.
This complete step by step guide to building your own custom electric guitar comes with full size plans and more than 400 color photos. The most important first step in the process of build a guitar is the purchase of a great set of guitar building plans. Full scale, actual-size guitar plans detailing the building of electric and acoustic guitars.
I’d recommend an acoustic guitar building workshop with Jay to anyone who really wants to do this right. Before building a mold, however, one builds a master template, usually from some sort of plexiglass-like material.
Incidentally, the Lexan has a thin film of protective plastic on each side when you buy it.

For this I used a scrap piece of plywood, and cut a hole with my jig saw that was slightly bigger in diameter than my drum sander. However, if you're interested in building a more interesting electric bass guitar, see the following list of plans for ideas and inspiration. PRE-DESIGN INFO Before you can design your guitar you must know a few important rules to building guitars. Every guitarist dreams of owning a handmade instrument, but for most, the cost is likely to be prohibitive. But, unfortunately, before you can build a template, you need to decide what guitar you’re building. I was very excited, because this was the first real step towards the building of the guitar. Building an electric guitar is time consuming and requires the completion of several steps Get the style that best fits your guitar design. I thought of trying to use a rotozip, which may have worked, but I did not have a good bit. So, I decided to go back to the Japanese Hand saw and work slowly and gave myself room for error.

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