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Bill amazes me with his service, I had a special order for a number of decoders as well as some in stock items. Bill has been very helpful ensuring I order the correct items and packing my orders to minimize shipping costs. Informative Daily Blog with diverse modeling topics related to miniature railroading, such as 15" gauge live steam, HO, N, ON30 and Garden scales. Denny's blog covering his N scale layout representing a portion of the Southern Pacific Coast Line in Central California between Callender and Surf, including the Guadalupe yard, set in the early 1970s. Metal replacement wheelsets in a variety of sizes and precision as drop in replacements for commercial plastic wheels. I have been looking for something like this as an example to build on for my slowly forming H0n30 layout. The incredible new STRAIGHTRACKIT (c), CURVETRACKIT (c), and EXTRATRACKIT (c) track laying gauges! See the next page of this website for our patented SUPERTRACKIT (c) tool, which allows you to make every radius between 6" and 48", on the inch, in HO scale and 1" to 31" in N scale, when used in conjunction with our CURVETRACKIT (c) tools!

Patented 2 piece 36" length (18" each piece) STRAIGHTRACKIT (c) track gauges available for HO and N scale.
Patented 2 piece EXTRATRACKIT(c) is used to lay both double track curves and double track straights. Each different radius tool comes in a different color to easily distinguish between them. Place one end of the EXTRATRACKIT (c) at the end of your first straight section that was laid with the STRAIGHTRACKIT (c), place the other end in the rail you wish to lay, and then slide the second EXTRATRACKIT (c) along the center of both parallel rails, tacking the second rail down as you go!
This included a number of sections of straight track that went outward from both ends of the 2 curves.
Each tool will also come with a lamination on it to prevent scratches or damage in shipment. Put the tools between the rails of any brand of flex track and tack the track down through the holes in the gauge. Put the gauges between the rails of any brand of flex track and tack the track down through the holes in the gauge.

Both the STRAIGHTRACKIT (c) and CURVETRACKIT (c) come with a keystone-shaped male and female end so they can interlock with each other. Take your second EXTRATRACKIT (c) and slide it down the rails between the two tracks as shown in the photo, tacking the second rail down as you go.
Holes in the tools line up perfectly with the holes in Atlas flex track, or you can use other brands of flex track and simply use a pin vice to drill a hole in any tie you select.
Plan your layout space with ease as you "test fit" your rails before laying them in seconds with our patented products!!

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