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Residents in Johor Bahru (JB) often complain that the high cost of living in JB can be attributed to the horde of Singaporean visitors who are jacking up prices. Comparing a comfortable 90-minute ride on a high-speed rail to KL against suffering the hassle of the traffic jam on the Causeway, which would Singaporeans choose? Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong met with his Malaysian counterpart Datuk Najib Razak on 19 February 2013, and they jointly announced that the two countries agreed to build a high-speed railway line linking Kuala Lumpur and Singapore that is expected to be completed in 2020. The reason why the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) chose these five cities to build the high-speed rail stations is to leverage on their existing strengths to further the economic development in these cities. Each of these five sites are strategically positioned differently: Negeri Sembilan will build a 1,000-acre SME TechValley near its train station site to attract SMEs that engage in environmental protection technology, green manufacturing and biotechnology.
Once completed, the high-speed rail is bound to inject more vibrancy to the local economy, driving further growth in other sectors like real estate, commerce, retail and urban transportation. The high-speed rail is a form of transportation with many advantages, including the ability to stay in service for a long time, its carrying capacity, greater speed, higher reliability, superior safety and more environmentally friendly.
Figures provided by the Centre for Aviation (CAPA) show that budget airlines have cornered about 60 percent of the KL-Singapore air travel market in terms of in-flight seats, with AirAsia leading the budget airlines pack. CAPA pointed out that since passengers taking the KL-Singapore flights on Malaysia Airlines and Singapore Airlines are mostly transit passengers, the high-speed rail service will have little impact on these national carriers. The Malaysia government is still studying the high-speed rail project, and is expected to start calling for tenders at the end of this year.
The Shares Investment editorial team welcomes constructive feedback on our coverage and content. The whole train can be divided into five levels carriages with different seats, equipment, and tickets fares. Only five seats in this area: 2 business class seats (in the first row) and 3 first class seats .
The 2 business class seats ensure people to lie down on the train comfortably by adjust the angles with a controlling butter. Twenty four red seats with 180 degree turning and bed transforming functions are equipped in.
Second Class Train Cars  are 5th to 8th, and 10th to 15th train cars, totally 791 seats. VIP passengers are referred to the passengers on business train cars, sightseeing area, and first class train cars. China's high speed rail network consist of upgraded conventional rail lines, newly-built high-speed passenger designated lines (PDLs), and the world's first high-speed commercial magnetic levitation (maglev) line.
The Wuhan-Guangzhou High-Speed Railway, a passenger-dedicated trunk line opened in 2009, that reduced the 968 km (601 mi) journey between the largest cities in central and southern China to 3 hours. The Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway, an intercity express line opened in 2008, that shortened the 117 km (73 mi) commute between the two largest cities in northern China to 30 minutes. China's initial high speed trains were imported or built under technology transfer agreements with foreign train-makers including Siemens, Bombardier and Kawasaki Heavy Industries. In February 2011, Railway Minister Liu Zhijun, a key proponent of HSR expansion, was removed from office pending investigation for corruption.

Now you can color online this Passengers seated inside the high speed train coloring page and save it to your computer. With its many years experience, Hellokids is one of the most popular kids websites worldwide. Now, if there is a mean of transportation that can whiz Singaporean shoppers to Kuala Lumpur (KL) in 90 minutes, will it drive prices up in KL as well?
The proposal consists of a non-stop, 90-minute express train service, as well as a commuter train service that stops at transit stations that takes less than 2 hours to travel between the two cities. Malacca will focus on developing its tourism and medical tourism industry that targets medical tourists from Singapore and Indonesia. Till now, people traveling between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur generally either take long-haul bus rides or drive themselves. CAPA commented that when the KL-Singapore high-speed rail goes live, budget airlines will certainly cut back on the number of flights between these two cities. Whether the high-speed rail project can bring about the various benefits as expected will depend on what form the Malaysia government’s cooperation with the private sector will take, the location of these high-speed rail stations, the various connecting transportation means to the high-speed rail stations and train fares.
The Business Times, a Malaysia’s newspaper, pointed out that some local and foreign companies have begun negotiating joint ventures to enter into bidding for the high-speed rail project. If the high-speed rail can indeed drive economic development and breathe more life into Malaysia’s commercial activities, prices will naturally rise.
They are VIP Sightseeing Areas, Business Train Cars, Dining Train Cars, First Class Train Cars (sightseeing area are also equipped with three first class seats in the second row), and Second Class Train Cars. CRH380AL and CRH380BL Beijing – Shanghai High-speed trains set two VIP Sightseeing Areas which are No. During the driving time, people can see the movies and listen to the music as well as do some researches of the destinations by the screen. First class seat is equipped with flexible reading lamp and passenger can adjust slope of the seat too.
It is the most popular kind of seats among Chinese people, so it will be comparative much hard to get one ticket than other train cars.
However, Chinese engineers re-designed and further improved the internal components of the train in order for the train to run at much higher speed.
The proposed high-speed rail stations will be located in Seremban in Negeri Sembilan, Ayer Keroh in Malacca, Muar, Batu Pahat and Iskandar Malaysia in Johor. Muar is currently the furniture manufacturing centre of Malaysia, so it is best poised to focus on industrial designing. When both countries opened up the aviation market, flying became a popular choice because budget airlines have since significantly lowered short-haul plane ticket prices.
Analysts also predict that airlines will halve the price of air tickets for flights between these two cities. In any case, CAPA said that the impact of the high-speed rail service on the aviation industry will depend on whether the authorities will build a high-speed rail station at the airport, as this will give transit passengers the option of taking the high-speed rail instead of flying. As it would be difficult to recoup the high investment cost of the high-speed rail project in the near term, the Malaysia government must plan carefully and manage the rail service well when it becomes operational to ensure that the train rides are comfortable and punctual, so that passengers will feel that it is good value for money.

A screen to prevent passenger disturbing from others ensures a private room for each other.
With generous funding from the Chinese government's economic stimulus program, 17,000 km (11,000 mi) of high-speed lines are now under construction. China currently holds close to 1,000 local and international patents for high speed rail technology. In a China Ministry of Railways press conference in June 13th 2011, it was clarified that the speed reduction has nothing to do with safety nor technical capability of the trains and tracks. Have fun coloring this Passengers seated inside the high speed train coloring page from TRAIN coloring pages. Batu Pahat has the potential to develop into a fashion capital with its existing 300 garment and textile factories that churn out half of Malaysia’s textile exports. These predictions are based on similar rail projects abroad: in China, for example, airlines began slashing prices when the Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed rail became operational, with air tickets between Wuhan and Beijing going for below Rmb200. In this way, people who initially plan to drive, take the long-distance buses and short-haul flights between these two cities will choose to take the high-speed rail instead. The entire HSR network will reach 13,073 km (8,123 mi) by the end of 2011[4] and 25,000 km (16,000 mi) by the end of 2015. Foreign trainmakers continue to sell certain components but no longer supply train sets for China's high speed trains Most of the CRH train components are manufactured by local Chinese suppliers, with only a few parts imported. The EduCity in Iskandar Malaysia is gradually taking shape as a world-class education centre, with world-leading universities setting up branch campuses here alongside various international schools and colleges. The area surrounding the high-speed train station in Taichung is designated as an international entertainment hub that is modelled after Sentosa in Singapore. When Taiwan’s high-speed rail became operational in 2007, airlines even stopped flying certain domestic routes. Japan’s Shinkansen has the honour of claiming an average delay of only 36 seconds, including delays caused by natural disasters. When the KL-Singapore high-speed rail service goes live, it will introduce a multitude of business opportunities. This gives Singaporean investors the option of investing in these Southern Malaysian cities apart from Johor Bahru in the future. In May, China's Environmental Protection Ministry ordered the halting of construction and operation of two high-speed lines that failed to pass environmental impact tests. In June, the Railway Ministry maintained that high-speed rail construction is not slowing down.

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