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American Flyer is a name rooted in the history of model trains that began in Chicago in 1905 with toymaker William Hafner and his friend William Coleman. The California State Library has redesigned its online picture gallery for the state's governors.
The State Library has also revamped its own web pages that feature a cool interactive map of the historic Stanley Mosk Library & Courts Building.
One of the most famous (or infamous) trials held in Sacramento was the 1934-35 case of 18 labor organizers accused of "criminal syndicalism" (the advocating of the overthrow of the U.S.
The four-month proceedings -- which drew attention of the entire country -- is the subject of a new exhibit opening this week at the Sacramento History Museum. The Center for Sacramento History's Flickr page features some compelling photographs of the trial and people outside the courthouse.
PHOTO CREDIT: Left to right, defendant Martin Wilson, attorney Leo Gallagher and defendant Caroline Decker participate in the "Red Scare" trial in Sacramento. Members of the Sonora Photo Club will display their talents at a new exhibit of train-related images opening this weekend at Railtown 1897 State Historic Park. Founded in 2005, the Sonora Photo Club is a forum where photographers of all experience levels can meet to share skills and experiences.
The history of the Suisun Valley goes back centuries when Native Americans populated the region before settlement by the Spanish.
Arcadia Publishing is known for producing small, richly illustrated books on local and regional history. A new Arcadia photo book brings together dozens of essential images of the city before, during and after the disaster. Richard Hansen is a historian and photographer who has offered photo shows about the great earthquake since 1970.
Although the California Historical Society's online photo collection (1860-1960) is comprised mainly with images of Los Angeles and Southern California, you'll find a sizable number taken in Sacramento and surrounding areas. Some 60 of the 25,000 CHS photographs housed at the University of Southern California Digital Library depict turn-of-the-century scenes of Sacramento: homes, streets, public buildings, people, transportation and river views. Congratulations to the California State Library!  Its Pinterest collection was ranked number one among state libraries by the website Library Science List.
The State Library has assembled 39 boards showcasing a wide variety of photographs, postcards, manuscripts, advertisements, maps, illustrations and artwork. Local and state history buffs will especially enjoy the Gold Rush board containing early photos, paintings, posters, book illustrations and even a gold coin. Other historical boards include Illuminated Manuscripts, California promotions, Postcards of California, California History and California Politicians. With the usual crowds it's normally difficult to photograph the amazing exhibits at the California State Railroad Museum.

It's all part of a weekend photography event, which includes an optional lighting class on Friday conducted by former Sacramento Bee photographer Dave Henry. The Ottoman Government gave a concession to build and operate a railway from Izmir to Cassaba (now Turgutlu) on July 4, 1863. The Smyrna Cassaba Railway began construction works in 1864 and the line was completed in 1866, despite much financial difficulties. In Izmir, the SCR located its terminal station- Basmane closer to the city center than ORC's Alsancak terminal.
The Ottoman Government always in need of finance decided to rationalize the structure of the Smyrna Cassaba Railway. Subsequently, the SCP was granted a concession to extend the line from Alasehir to Afyon, where connection was made with the Anatolian Railway. The SCP was finally purchased by the Turkish Republic for a total amount 162,5 million French Francs (law 2467 of May 31, 1934). As usual, the most difficult point of the line is the ascent of the Anatolian plateau to the east of Alasehir, between Killik and Guneykoy with gradients of 2,5%. The website contains similar information and images, but it's more attractive and easier to navigate.
If you move your mouse over the exterior of the building you're directed to photos and information about the most interesting aspects of this 1928 neo-classical structure.
Interactive displays, video, photographs and other artifacts tell the story of not only the trial, but also the battles between farmworkers and growers that gave rise to it.
These 30 compelling photographs showcase the historic Shops and Roundhouse, as well as the vintage locomotives and cars.
The Gold Rush attracted many people to the transportation and commercial crossroads that became Suisun City. It typically partners with local historians and organizations in developing its publications, which now number nearly 8,000 titles that celebrate communities all across the country. Authors Richard and Gladys Hansen used photos from their own private collection built over 20 years. Gladys Hansen, San Francisco Archivist Emerita, has compiled a Great Register of people who died in and lived through the disaster. Among them are the Catholic Cathedral, State Capitol, Governor's Mansion, Sutter's Fort (before renovation), C.B.
It's a social media service where an individual or organization can share collections of images -- called "boards" -- with followers. But amateur shooters will have a chance to snap the trains before the facility opens next Saturday. This concession was awarded to an English company "the Smyrna Cassaba Railway" (SCR) founded for this purpose by Mr.

But Basmane is also to the south of Alsancak so the track going north had to cross the ORC-line going south. But this concession was for operation only, as the line was being built by the Ottomans Government. It exercised its right to purchase the concession and the part of the line it not already owned.
An agreement signed in May 6, 1899 between the SCP and the CFOA as part of the negotiation for the Baghdad Railway paved the way for some co-operation.
This branch, completed in 1912, became the shortest route between Izmir and Istanbul thanks to a boat connection In Band?rma.
When the Band?rma extension was opened, through traffic from Istanbul to Izmir became possible. Early trains were wind-up or clockwork models with some large scale models being produced prior to the Great Depression. Today, American Flyer model trains still run on layouts and under Christmas trees across the U.S. You'll find: the official governor portraits, family facts, a biographical sketch, bibliography of other sources and links to inaugural speeches. The valley eventually evolved into a major agricultural region, producing wheat, fruit and wine.A new Arcadia illustrated volume celebrates this portion of Solano County with photos borrowed from the Vacaville Heritage Council, Solano County Historical Society and local people.
History buffs can find many of these photos, plus articles, a timeline and primary documents at the Hansens' website, Virtual Museum of the City of San Francisco. This crossing, known as Hilal, is done at level and at right angle became one of the most well known spot for railway photography in Turkey.
The company had got a third concession for the Manisa-Soma branch in 1887 and completed the line in 1890, but construction works were again funded by the Ottomans Government. The concession was then sold to Nagelmackers, the founder the International Sleeping Car Company on February 17, 1893. Additionally, the Izmir suburb part of the line proved to be an important source of revenue.
The railway operation was transferred on 12th July 1893 to a new French company, the "Societe Ottomane du Chemin de fer de Smyrne-Cassaba et Prolongements" (SCP), which was founded on July 16, 1893.
He was among the pioneers that built railways in England and he worked with distinguished names such as Isambard Brunel and Robert Stephenson. He had also a large overseas experience ranging from tunnel construction in Marseilles to bridging the Nile and laying tracks in Brazil.

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