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By clicking OK, you're confirming that your use won’t conflict with the restrictions found on the image page. When deciding whether or not to furnish my version of the history for this gargantuan tragedy, it was glaringly obvious that in this case, less is more. So in lieu of that, here are some commemorative events taking place across the globe to mark the 100th year since the Titanic descended to the bottom of the Atlantic.
There are replica ships in Tennessee and Missouri, graveyard tours in New York and Nova Scotia, traveling exhibits from Las Vegas to Atlanta, and two brand new museums in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and Southampton, England.
Those were salvaged from the wreckage and are amongst many other artifacts up for auction in NY.
Food Metrograph Theater Lifts the Curtain on The CommissaryIn the inimitable words of Beetlejuice, it’s showtime. Transportation New Subway Newsstand Opens at Broadway-Lafayette StationUntil this week, the Broadway-Lafayette subway station had no concessions.
Food Hotel on Rivington Replaces Viktor & Spoils with New Shanghai-Themed LoungeWith surgery complete, the Hotel on Rivington is ready to relaunch its nightlife activity. Real Estate Seward Park Co-op Members Suing Board of Directors Over Parking Garage PrivatizationThere is a civil war brewing at the Seward Park Co-op on Grand Street, pitting cooperative members against the board of directors.

Bowery Boogie is the largest site dedicated to covering the news and lifestyle of the Lower East Side neighborhood and its residents. Hotels and restaurants are serving Titanic dinners, and ships are even heading to the disaster site – including an anniversary cruise that slashed prices last-minute from nearly $5,000 to $1,000.
The cutter will leave Boston April 10 and joins several commercial cruises in the area for the occasion. Your chance to take part in the anniversary is coming to a theater near you with the April 4 re-release of Cameron’s movie, now in 3-D.
The two-month-old Metrograph theater, co-founded by boutique owner Alexander Olch, finally lifted the curtain on its complementary restaurant, The Commissary. Its creator, artist-activist Peter Missing, painted a giant, cycloptic version with frequent collaborator Cyril Mazard at the corner of East Houston and Second Avenue (i.e. Co-op Food & Drink shuttered back in January, and in the interim, the entire ground and second levels were remodeled and entrance updated. In today’s era of warp-speed hyper-gentrification, it has become increasingly difficult to keep track of what came before; but that only makes it seem all the more important. I felt the fear, disbelieve, panic, heroism, so many more feeling you are a gifted writter and I’m so fortunate to found this site and my friends want me to thank you as well.

It is known for a keen wit and combination of hard-hitting news coverage and lifestyle stories.
As urban historian, preservationist and educator, Siegel focuses on 18th through early 20th Century NYC, bringing her penchant (and obsession) for history and adventure to everything that she researches. An under-utilized storage space beside the downtown IRT platform was converted this week for commerce.
A year ago, the long-running production informed the landlord of the Orpheum that the production would leave the building for an unnamed theater in Times Square. A $95, 10-course Titanic menu at the Blackfish restaurant in Philadelphia on April 15 includes oysters, squab and poached peaches. The nascent newsstand has been stocking its minuscule shelves the last few days and just opened yesterday. This city street dates back to at least 1857, birthed as a northern extension of Cannon Street.

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