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The Heisler was the fastest of the geared steam locomotive designs, and yet was still claimed by its manufacturer to have the same low speed hauling ability. 850 Heisler type locomotives have been built, the last one was delivered by the Heisler Locomotive Works in 1945.
If you would like multiple submissions or have one which has many images or long text, you may request a "Gallery" section to be created just for your works. Counting all Shay, Climax, Baldwin and Heisler types about 4,000 locomotives have been built. Each such image should not be larger than 800 pixels in any one direction, for ease of display on most computer screens.

For longer text or upto four images, please submit as two submissions which will be displayed sequentially. Exclusive Productions by TrainAidsA, for the Collector, and the Afficionado, by Reputable Manufacturers and Enthusiastic Modelmakers. Mabar, Rivarossi Locos, Tracks, Turnouts, Motors, Scenic Items, LED Lamp Posts & Collector's Range from Onega ! Heisler received a patent for the design in 1892 following the construction of a prototype in 1891. In your Gallery, you may cover more than one item, tips and other suggestions and also include images of work you have done relating to this hobby.

Similar to a Climax locomotive, Heislera€™s design featured two cylinders canted inwards at a 45A° angle to form a "V-twin" arrangement. Power then went to a longitudinal drive shaft in the centre of the frame that drove the outboard axle on each powered truck through bevel gears in an enclosed gearbox riding on the axle between the truck frames. The inboard axle on each truck was then driven from the outboard one by external connecting rods.

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