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Just wondered if anyone has ever seen any of these in real life (or known anyone that ever owned one)? If you have any question about this Buy THIS Now Classified Ad Item, please contact the member. If you are the winner you will be entered into a legal & binding contract with the SELLER to purchase this item.

The plywood boards, curtains, and most of the track design date back to 1973 when my dad first started this layout. Matt, You may have work to do but that layout looks 'complete' not finished but complete in the sense there is no look of the Plywood Pacific' to it. I had to re-truck the Hi-Levels (passenger cars) with truck mounted couplers so they could navigate the layout.

If i remember correctly it was either a 2 or 4 piece modular type of layout that came with pretty much the same items as the Tyco ones you posted.

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