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Visit the Silo and Mill shops and galleries open for business during Mill renovations via the side entrances to the Mill.
Learn about the history of maple syrup production and see artifacts, photographs and displays that describe the local maple syrup industry. Learn about early experiments with static electricity and the 200 years it took to produce light in the laboratory. Over 3,000 square feet depicting Southern Ontario during the 1950s when Steam and Diesel locomotives co-existed.

Purchase maple syrup products nearby at Farm Pantry (1386 King St.) (Reopening spring 2016 following renovations). Open weekends May - Dec and other select dates. Groups by appointment.Read a blogger's take on the Railway here!
Incredible miniature scenes including farming, a barn raising, an Old Order Mennonite Meetinghouse, St.
Jacobs circa 1940s. A large collection of “O" scale trains and railroad memorabilia is also on display.

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