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Perfect for layouts and for adding onto train sets, features include standard-profile easy-maintenance Code 100 nickel-silver rail, molded black plastic ties with realistic wood grain, joiners and holes to accommodate track nails. Now reading your post topic, and the content within the post are 2 seperate things, what are you using a cnc router for? I have about 100 feet of brand new PECO nickle silver N guage flex track that has been sitting in the cartons for about 25 years.
If I were to make a deal with the devil it would be to have a tour of the entire universe before he got me.
Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Origin now settable to bottom left! Problem with Gauge 1 is that it is so bastardized, most models made for it is are 1:29, or narrow gauge.

Atlas 168 HO Scale Code 100 Black Tie Model Railroad Flex Track has become the gold standard for model railroaders working in HO Scale.
I just got confirmation that my code 55 flex track is finally shipping after two months of waiting!
Even in the 1950s, some of the D&RGW narrow gauge still had the lighter 65lb rail and could not operate the heavier K series locomotives. The November 1962 Model Railroader Clinic had an excellent article on rail sizes, including charts of mileage amounts of various size rail for different time periods. Remote-controlled turnouts come with a slide switch with momentary contact for simple wiring. It may not represent the prevailing price in your area or a price that Tower Hobbies has ever offered for the item.

Wholesalers occasionally put restrictions on the number of pre-orders for extremely popular items, in which case we would be unable to deliver the items to every customer.
The turnouts feature an 18" radius diverging route for maximum compatibility with popular Code 100 track systems. Each piece measures 36" long and can be easily cut to size with a razor saw or with Xuron track cutting pliers.

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