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I have four Phase III livery Walthers Horizon cars (and one Phase IV cafe) from the big sale. Speaking strictly for the west coast guys, any such consist just wouldn't look right with including either a smoothside baggage car or an F40 Cabbage unit.
For those not familiar, the KC-STL train has always run with mostly Horizon equipment, leaving us modelers to make do with Amfleet cars. And River Eagle, the first photo I think is Hermann, but I can't figure out the second other than east of Jefferson City.

I hope I'm not violating the Atlas forum rules by posting the following but; since only manufacturers can post announcements here, I posted the info that I think you're referring to on "the other forum" that a lot of us here are also members of.
Do you know if the pamphlet was included in the National Train day bags they were handing out? Two privately owned and privately restored Pennsylvania E-8 A and a three car train of restored coaches made the trip from Philadelphia to Chicago as an Amtrak extra. I see them from time to time on eBay, but they usually command a lot of money as compared to Amfleet cars of similar vintage.

I'll take my Pullman Standards and Budds in clean, southeastern Stainless Steel flavors, please!
They have very plain sides, but the trucks are very nice with body mounted air bags (which limit it to larger radii).

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    Model train show but there will considerations like the room space, aesthetic appeal, durability.
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