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Entering service in 1979, Amtrak's bi-level Superliner cars represented a major step forward for the company. With the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1992, a second series of cars were constructed by Bombardier to meet new standards for easier access. Other major upgrades include complete upper and lower interiors, see-through tinted windows, 16 stainless wire grab irons - all factory installed, correct working diaphragms, correct trucks with metal sideframes and RP-25 wheels, diecast PROTO Max knuckle couplers, and built in electrical contacts to power the LED Interior Lighting Kit (#933-6004 sold separately). Click Here to take you to a list of Page Links for all the other Con-Cor "HO" Rolling Stock.

The all-new design (built by Pullman-Standard) used a common car body which could be outfitted as a coach-baggage car for short-distance runs, a long-distance coach with larger seats, as well as a sleeper and a diner.
They're plated with real metal to simulate the stainless steel of the prototypes, while authentic striping, logos and lettering are printed on the cars.
In all, 284 cars eventually made up the first fleet, which was put to work on western long-distance runs. All ready-to-run HO Scale cars include movable diaphragms, working knuckle couplers and correct-style trucks with blackened metal wheelsets, optional preformed wire, side grab iron (easy to install using the molded-in starter points for drilling).

Decorated cars include a sheet of decal numbers for each Phase to model several cars quickly and easily.

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