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N Scale Atlas, Life-Like, Graham Farish, Micro-Trains, Minitrix and other N scale discussion.
I don't have any trains yet, just trying to read and learn but I have a few questions i thought you guys might be able to help me with. If i have a bachmann ez command dcc controller, can i buy any n scale dcc train and run it with the ez command on ez track? I know these are noob questions and i'm months out from buying but clearing these couple things up will help me a lot. 180 degrees is a turn through half of a circle, or from one point on a diameter to the opposite point on the same diameter.
Depending upon the gauge and type, track radius (or sometime diameter) can reference either the center of the track (between the rails), or the outer rail. I'm going to stop here and let someone else address the particulars of the scales you are interested in----I run S scale, so I'm incompetent to answer. I have one long engine (a bachman 4-8-4) and it will run OK on my 11 radius curves but it does look a little out of place. Still searching hte net to try and find out if the bachmann ez command dcc will run all dcc n scale or do i need to stick with bachmann engines? We’re building another fun to operate, small HO scale train layout that you can build! Switching action continues on this side with four more sidings and a short engine run-around.
Large city buildings divide this layout into separate scenes without the need for a scenic divider.

I am both a (currently) budgeted model railroader, and that I also enjoy classic HO-scale train stuff (especially from Life-Like, Atlas, Tyco and Bachmann.) So I thought that for my basement model train layout I can use a lot of that stuff, yet still continuously update it for the new millenium. Because I will keep continuously adding onto the layout, currently not many things are permanently attached, except for some pieces of lichen. Until I upgrade to DCC, I could even try the old method of operating two trains using two power packs and some plastic insulating joiners. My Tyco Chattanooga came with the expanded set, and had the risers, but the tender drive just could not pull its train up and over. The entire track layout is now made up of Atlas True-Track, except for the operating railroad crossing accessories. At this rate, with the way it's coming along, I may have to write an article somewhere about doing the Tyco Layout Expander System plan using Atlas True-Track! The Gateway Central X offers switching and train operation action, while still providing a complete mainline loop for just running trains. Note how a siding with a small industry and concrete driveway, and a small hill, fills the space at the two corners. The switchback requires advance planning to place cars within the large warehouse’s dock bay, as the siding leading to it can only hold the engine and one car.
So far, I have my trains running on Atlas Code-83 True-Track (I'm not going to bother with Bachmann's E-Z track or Life-Like's Power-Loc track for the layout anymore, and I'm staying away from any of those other companies' brass and steel track sections), which I think turns out to be the most realistic roadbed track I've ever seen. I currently have the tracks set up ala the track plan designed for the Tyco Track Layout Expander Set.
I plan to decorate a few of the cows and pics, and paint a few more of the included figures.

I recently replaced the rusted old steel rails with new nickel-silver rails, and it really made a difference. I also installed fences around the Vollmer and Bachmann houses, due to them being next to tracks. The lights do not flash, but merely stay on steady, and it doesn't only come on when the train passes. Life-Like recently started putting cowcatchers on their 0-4-0 steam locomotives that use tender cars. One section has the entire grade glued onto the ties; the other has it only glued on one section due to the crossing being on two sections.
True-Track has a different roadbed lock thingy than E-Z Track, plus True-Track is Code-83 while E-Z Track is Code-100. The station track provides a location to set out a passenger car, or it could be the starting point for an expansion of this small layout. A small hotel fills the space at one corner, and helps separate this scene from the next side. The small industry in the corner was selected because it had a dock door on the right end of the building, placing it correctly to accept one boxcar at the end of its siding.

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