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Magnets in the 53' EMP Intermodal containers keep the containers securely seated in both the well and to each other, guaranteeing a rattle-free freight consist over every bump and slant. Each MAXI-IV well car is covered with crisp, detailed tampo printing, even down to the writing on the lube plate on the end of each A and B car.
The Gunderson MAXI-IV well cars have wafer-thin molded walkways, crisply molded and painted to match the prototypical appearance.
The MAXI-IV's articulated trucks are designed to lock securely into both of the associated wells to guarantee they'll never come apart while running, while still being easy to take apart and put together.

Because the Kato HO MAXI-IV well cars are designed to run just as well empty as they do full, special care had to be put into recreating the criss-cross well patterning of the prototype model.
Perfectly suited to be pulled by Kato's EMD F40PH locomotives or GE P42 "Genesis" locomotives. Amtrak's Superliners were based on the famous Budd built Hi-Levels operated by the Santa Fe railroad, for their El Capitan all-coach train. Each of these has been stored on the layout for 15-20 years, displays nicely and is 100% original.

Amtrak Superlines run all over the country (with the exception of the northeast corridor, where high roofs and low tunnel cielings pose a dangerous combination).

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