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Has anyone ever used WS vinyl grass mat for their layout before(advantages or disadvantages)? Is track bed highly recommended for sectional track usage(I won't mind any noise) or is it really a matter of preference?
I don't know if the heat-shrink vinyl grass would be all that convincing for larger hills with more contours. That said, you need to envision how much change in elevation (height) you expect in your layout's topography, and then associate where those changes best fit into any required stack of foam buildup. I found that the quickest way to do this is to spray the surface of the board with some GM Spray Adhesive. The only negative aspect about this method is it will not be very easy to pull the mat back up again and may be destroyed while trying to do so. For your question about the cork, I've always used cork under my track, as it just looks a lot more real to do so.

It works a lot better if the board is first primed with at least two coats of a wood primer.
Woodland Scenics glue however, will allow the mat to be removed without it being destroyed. It's sort of like why I almost always run multible engines (at least two) with my freights, simply because it looks more real. Be sure to properly sand the surface of the board between coats, because the smoother the surface is, the better the glue will stick.
Paper, when painted with water based paint will wrinkle, causing the appearance to be quite phoney looking.
I mean, in real life, one hardly ever sees a freight going by (whether it's highballing or switching) being pulled with just only one engine.
Also, the big reason I chose Woodland Scenic's grass matt over the other brands' mats is because the Woodland Scenics mat is made out of vinyl, whereas other mats are basically made out of paper.

However, the vinyl, on the other hand, won't wrinkle, therefore enabling the end result to appear to be a lot more convincing to the eye. When the adhesive becomes tacky and sticky to the touch, then just simply roll the mat out slowly across the board, pressing gently as you go, This will eliminate the chance of trapping unwanted air underneith it.
Incidentally, this proceedure works a lot easier if two people are working together doing this.

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